Who are you? We’re Stoke City (2)

scfc1Forget Eduardo’s criminal dive, Wenger’s squalid refusal to deplore it and lowlife goings on at Upton Park. Feast instead on part two of the preview by Stoke fans of Saturday’s Sunderland old and new boys’ reunion. We already know what they made of last season and the transfer dealings. Now let’s see what Simon “Northy” Northwood , who runs the Rip Roaring Potters fan site, and Julian Boodell, who has been known to frequent the Oatcake message board, think the new season will bring …

Where will each club end up this season?

Julian:Sunderland top half safely but a good bet for top seven finish. Stoke lower mid table, but I would feel more comfortable with a couple of better players added to the first team.

Northy: I think stoke will finish 15th and reckon sunderland will finish 11th.

Do you think Man City’s millions have bought them a topfour position, and are you concerned about the money swirling around in the game?

Northy: Yes I am more than concerned mate, the knock down effect from these inflated prices is that distinctly average players are costing silly money and the cash they take home is getting equally scandalous in my eyes. I don’t actually think they will make top four but maybe they will prove me wrong

Julian: Man City’s money gives them a chance of buying a top four finish, but to bed in so many star players with their egos will take good management from Mark Hughes, but what a delight to see them sneep (Potteries dialect – meaning to hack off) Man Utd and Fergie in particular by signing Tevez, welcome to Manchester indeed. Prior to 2008 (see Question 4) we spent nowt and now we are paying £5.5m for players and bidding £10m plus for players (amazing times, I have to keep pinching myself to make sure it still isn’t just a dream) Having said that, the money available is obscene, and clubs need to manage finances properly otherwise fans will see their sides being demoted or worse going bust.

Name the 2009/2010 top four in order, and also the bottom three.

Northy: 1 Liverpool, 2 Chelsea, 3 Man Utd, 4 Arsenal

18 Birmingham, 19 Wigan, 20 Portsmouth


Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, bottom three Hull, Portsmouth and Birmingham


How will the game go? Will be you be there and, if not, how will you keep tabs?

Julian: Yes I am going, from the Cotswolds, and it’s going to be a close low scoring game 1-1, hopefully a striker will get on the score sheet for us but a Darren Bent own goal wouldn’t go amiss!

Northy: Yes I will be there, sitting in the boothen end giving it my all. I think that we will need to show a lot more guile around the midfield area to get a hold on this one. I will back us at home though and if we can play the high tempo stuff that get’s the crowd going then. I’m going for 2-1 to Stoke.

Ask yourself the question I forgot!

Who’s your favourite ever Stoke player and what’s your classic match. Mark Stein and West Brom away 92/93.

Colin Randall

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  1. Ha ha no worries mate, the other guy, julian answering the questions has an enormous collection of stoke programmes as far as i am aware. Part of the southern supporters club. Top stokie

  2. The name’s simon northwood mate, garry’s my dad, another passionate stokie. I’m looking forward to the game even more now we’ve got some new blood in. Oh and my top 4 prediction was written before villa caned liverpool at anfield the other night so it looks as though that one might be a bit shaky at the minute.

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