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The next three Premier games seem not just winnable, but the sort of matches we must take maximum points from if the SAFC owner Ellis Short is to get his wish of a top 10 finish. Colin Randall aims for gold …

Salut! Sunderland is settling slowly into this, its new home. It is not a commercial enterprise so we can afford to be philosophical about how long it is taking to build the links and other features in the sidebars that were a popular attraction at the old site.

Steve Bruce suddenly finds his rebuilding project – Sunderland AFC – has a little more urgency.

On Oct 3 and 17, there are the small matters of games against two of the Top Four, Man United and Liverpool. But before those two games from which most people will expect us to get nothing, we face Hull (h), Burnley (a) and Wolves (h).

Has there ever been a better opportunity for us to record three straight Premier wins? I know this is Sunderland we’re talking about, and we’ve all had to live with years or decades of disappointment and falsely raised hopes. But if we are ever going to assert ourselves as serious top tier contenders, these are exactly the games we cannot afford to draw let alone lose.

At the Blackcats list, people are speculating on how many points the three games will yield. Before I realised we also had Wolves at home, I’d said six from Hull (h) and Burnley away were non-negotiable. Can I allow myself a huge act of faith and make that nine?

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  1. yes Tony, but we’re now supposed to be in the nex mini-league up.

    Consider this:
    “As I said about the Stoke result, it doesn’t matter how long we’ve had to settle in – when we’re playing teams like this, WE are supposed to be the big guys who have more Premiership experience, more money, more and better players to choose from etc etc. And they are even farther behind us in terms of settling in. There’s no excuses whatsoever for not beating them.”

    Not my words – those of Mick G at the Blackcats list – but I agree with hom 100 per cent.

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