Bent on scoring

darrenbentSalut! Sunderland cannot really have it both ways: express no interest in international football and then weigh in on an England defeat.

But it has been impossible this morning to get away from the general wittering about last night’s match in Ukraine.

On Talk Sport, there was much hand-wringing over the missing ingredient of a player able to snatch a goal out of nothing. Emile Heskey’s selection, as a man not even in favour at his club, was questioned; Carlton Cole’s “hunger for goals” applauded.

Isn’t there someone else around and available who has not only hunger for goals, but a hefty batch of them on Premier scoresheets already this season? Hasn’t he plucked one or two from nothing? Wasn’t one of those goals scored only a week ago before the eyes of the England coach?

Or are we just as hell Bent now on not picking an in-form Sunderland player now as we were when Kevin Keegan left a certain striker sharing his first name to languish on the bench as England stuttered to an early exit from Euro 2000?

“Obviously I’m competing with a lot of good players,” Darren – get the T-shirt from A Love Supreme – is quoted by the Sunday Mirror as saying. “But I’ve begun the season well and my record stands up well against everyone so far.”

Colin Randall

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