Big club, Bordeaux: having a laugh?

chamakhWhen Sunderland wanted to buy Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux, the answer from Laurent Blanc, manager of the French side, was that we were not a big club. Chamakh could leave only for a big club. He was therefore unavailable, or unavailable to us. The club’s president added his own insult later, saying he knew nothing about SAFC.

Champions of the French league, joint top of their Champions League group, Bordeaux attracted all of 28,700 for their home win against Maccabi Haïfa – one UK paper gave it as 17,500 which must have been a mistake – on a night when Bayern Munich filled their 66,000-capacity stadium. Look at the Old Trafford gates. Look at our Premier attendances (37/38,000 even when we play the likes of Wolves). Then remember the 6,000 empty seats in Bordeaux.

Which is the big club, M Blanc? Et, bien sur, qui pête plus haut que son cul?

* Caricature courtesy of Kamini-le-ouf

3 thoughts on “Big club, Bordeaux: having a laugh?”

  1. if only he had gone on twitter saying he wanted to join us he could be setting the substitutes bench alight at the SoL

  2. In their defence, however, they ARE in the UEFA Champions League. The fact that they got there by winning a league full of OTHER cheese eating surrender monkeys has nothing to do with it…oh!!!
    At the same time it’s nice to see that Chamakh is setting europe alight with his go…OH!!!
    Let’s hope Arsenal or West Ham get their man – we’re too professional for a diving mouthpiece like Marouane Chamakh. We want players who let their feet do the talking on the pitch and will not settle into playing for a side they don’t give two hoots about anymore.

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