Darren Bent, BBC 5 Live and Sunderland: the naked truth

kevinYou may think that Pete Sixsmith’s sensational summing-up of the Sunderland v Arsenal game leaves nothing more to say.

You’d be wrong.

Sometime tomorrow, I intend to let Salut! Sunderland readers know who I would have nominated as man of the match had Paolo Da Silva, Lorik Cana and Darren Bent not been available as candidates.

But there’s one other thing worth passing on first, for those who missed it.

Driving through Swaledale, the morning after a splendid evening spent annoying a Boro-supporting friend about the game I’d witnessed, I found myself listening absent-mindedly to a BBC Radio 5 Live discussion of a new book about things you can do without having to fork out a cent.

On came my friend and former colleague Kevin Maguire. He had a great example: lying in the bath at home in London listening to live radio coverage and splashing about to his heart’s content when the commentator announced Darren Bent’s winner.

It beats playing with the toy ducks. Forget armchair supporters; Kevin’s our bathtub supporter.

Colin Randall

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  1. I’ll say well done to Sunderland for giviing the top teams a hard time specially at home. We’ll see how long that will continue for. Its funny how every season one team turns to beat the top 4. Good luck to them and long may it continue

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