So how is Herita Ilunga’s face? (2)

And another thing
. Shouldn’t a player – any player, West Ham or Sunderland or whoever – be subject to an automatic substitution if he writhes in agony, Illunga-style, on the ground?

It just doesn’t seem safe for them to get up and resume play, once the penalty/card has been duly awarded, as if nothing had happened. Who knows what damage they are storing up for themselves in later life?

As Steve Bruce put it to be Beeb:

“Kenwyne was wrong, I can’t defend him. He’s pushed him. That’s all it is.

“Then I see the play-acting and then the medical people running on with an ice pack on an eye injury as if he’s got a cut eye and there’s nothing there. It’s all just a ploy.

“I think there was Big Sam’s (Sam Allardyce) quote in the week that if we’re not careful we’re going to turn it into a game for pansies.

“The referee has got a decision to make but I have to say Ilunga’s play-acting left a lot to be desired.

“Whoever it was with the ice swab; he pulled it away and I was looking for a big gash of an inch and a half, I was looking to see if there was a bump. There wasn’t even a bruise.

“The one thing that we don’t want to see is what goes on around the world, all this diving nonsense. We want to see a spectacle and we got one, but let’s not take away what everybody wants to see.”

* At least West Ham fans can share our fun in Bordeaux-baiting (scroll down left hand sidebar), having also endured nonsense from Laurent Blanc and Jean-Louis Triaud when trying to sign Chamakh

Colin Randall

4 thoughts on “So how is Herita Ilunga’s face? (2)”

  1. Willl I be chargeeed wid de same offence den as I fake iiiinjuury to get Matt Oopson boooked on Saturday when he just bumped into meee! Non!?

    But Steve Bruce no mention as he hypocrite and part of de blame culture within de game of foootball! Oui?! Non?!

  2. God my Grandad will be spinning in his urn. A diehard Hammer who introduced me to football at a very young age.

    These idiots have obviously sought out this site to bleat on about a lucky point they managed (articles 1 & 2) and a cheating player supported and infact enhanced by the ‘bench’s’ actions. Retrospective action should be taken against blatant ‘play acting’ like this. Obviously a management led ploy as they were cacking themselves and any fair or foul means to hang onto their slender lead was deemed acceptable, PAH!!!

    Can’t remember which goal keeper it was in the Prem. who the other week charged across his area to push to the floor a player who had fouled him and the player got sent off and the goalie got NOWT!

  3. You didn’t tear us apart in the second half, even when we were reduced to 10 men. West Ham is in deep trouble and you know it. I’ll make a prediction — you’re going down this season.

  4. typical Steve (loyalty bonus) Brice whinging, he is like an English Wenger, only sees what went against his side. West Ham were the away side and at times we tore you apart, just be gratefull for a draw and stop your incessant moaning Bruce.
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