A good day to sign up for Sunderland

Are the fans of Leeds, Norwich City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bristol City, West Ham, Spurs, Nottingham Forest and Southampton really more passionate than Sunderland’s?

Most of us would put ourselves ahead of at least six of the nine clubs currently placed above Sunderland in the Sky Sports 92 Fans’ League. Some would put us at the top. Even neutrals would eliminate a few of the others.

Today is a good day to show how passionate we are. A big Boxing Day gate – all tickets sold apparently – has a duty to blow the ball out at our end and suck it in at Everton’s.

And here’s a reminder of what the 92 project is about (an adapted version of Salut! Sunderland’s original posting on the subject, plus the clip that shows you how to register and take part:

Imagine it. You support Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United or Liverpool. You’ve followed them for ever, or rather since you were old enough to work out they were quite good and won a lot. You may even have been to the city where they play.

Suddenly, the bubble bursts. You discover it was all a dream. It’s not the Champions League your beloved team is playing in; it’s League One and you’re away to Hartlepool.

No matter. You remain loyal. You book your train.You’ll be there for them. So you’re the best supporters after all.

Or not.

In fact, loads of people think they belong to the best group of football supporters. Sunderland, Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff, Millwall ….

Just a spot of fun. It’s here because it doesn’t fit properly down the sidebar, and will be refreshed from time to time to bring it back to the top of the site.

Colin Randall

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