Another early Darren Bent goal, another feeble surrender

How can Sunderland 1 Everton1 be other than a disappointment? Here are some early thoughts on two more points squandered at home…

Stan Collymore, sharing the TalkSport commentary, thought it a cracking game. He also warmly praised the referee Martin Atkinson for a mature, relatively whistle-free performance that allowed play to flow.

So what!

We needed a win today, but another early burst of hope followed by 75 minutes of nervous, unconvincing backtracking that had its entirely predictable result, a deserved Everton equaliser.

Don’t tell me we haven’t got problems. We have them galore.

I only heard it, and it seemed to be backs to the wall for much of the game.

This is how others saw it (courtesy of the wise and witty Blackcats list):

* HT 1-0 but can’t keep the ball. Midfield is too deep & if we don’t change we will be defending on the 18 yard line for 45 minutes.Great goal, KJ brilliant cross – bit rough when the strikers have to put the quality balls into the box

* It’s 1-1 now, and that would be a fair result. We can’t defend, can’t convert chances and we’re poor in midfield.
It is still better than last year though.

* A 1-1 draw was the most we deserved. Everton dominated without creating that many chances.Great goal by us we were really poor in midfield and got swamped. Decent point as Everton played v well

* We were given a football lesson at home by a team 1 point above the relegation zone. All this talk about getting rid of Kenwyne – your having a laugh theres about half a dozen useless twats who need to go before him. We are still in the top half – an unbelievable achievement by such a poor team. SB has a lot of work to do to get this shite sorted & he can’t wait until the summer because I don’t think it is better than last year. Mensah played well but if your centre half can’t play a full game he’s no good to us.

* And, of course Pete Sixsmith in Sixer’s Sevens: Incapable – again – of closing a game down


Colin Randall

1 thought on “Another early Darren Bent goal, another feeble surrender”

  1. You know it was same old same old story, we were under the cosh for the second period of the first half and again at the beginning of the second, Bruce smells the coffee and takes off Malbranque for Zendon, for ten minutes or so we get back into the game, then we are suffering again and this time Bruce fails to smell any coffee and bang its 1-1.
    We are so inept without any width and the defenders are a liability, lets not kid ourselves there is a long way to go!

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