A search for football’s best, most passionate fans

Here is a reminder of the search launched by Sky Sports for the best football fans in the land. There will a league table, placing the fans of all 92 league clubs in order, and prizes are promised. Anyone got the answer? Naturally, we all think that answer is staring them in the face and comes from the Stadium of Light. Look at the video and decide whether you’d like to get involved and shout about your passion …

Imagine it. You support Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United or Liverpool. You’ve followed them for ever, or rather since you were old enough to work out they were quite good and won a lot. You may even have been to the city where they play.

Suddenly, the bubble bursts. You discover it was all a dream. It’s not the Champions League your beloved team is playing in; it’s League One and you’re away to Hartlepool.

No matter. You remain loyal. You book your train.You’ll be there for them. So you’re the best supporters after all.

Or not.

In fact, loads of people think they belong to the best group of football supporters. Sunderland, Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff, Millwall ….

Just a spot of fun. It’s here because it doesn’t fit properly down the sidebar, and will be refreshed from time to time to bring it back to the top of the site.

Colin Randall

1 thought on “A search for football’s best, most passionate fans”

  1. hmm, well. yes, Sky’s site looks nice, and with big media support it’s growing.

    So far, so good.

    But what happens to Sky’s support when times get tough? When the cash doesn’t flow? This [vie New Media Age]:

    “Sky has closed Rivals.net, its online football community, blaming its poor commercial performance.

    The media giant shut the network of fan sites for all 92 football clubs, including Manchester United’s United We Stand and Everton’s When Skies Are Grey, without prior warning to members.”
    http://bit.ly/SkyShutsRivals for full story

    Let me read that one again…”blaming its poor commercial performance”…”without prior warning to members”

    Kinda ironic. The fan site that’s looking for the best fans in the land can’t hack it when times are tough.

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