Who are you? We’re Everton (in not many words)


Some rival fans get stuck into Who Are You? with gusto, packing their responses with facts, opinion and humour. Barry Maddicott, an Everton-supporting chef we discovered via the fans’ site Grand Old Team, where he posts as devonblue, is in a class of his own, offering by far the shortest set of answers since the series began. Looking at the way Sunderland have been playing, it can’t be that he fears it would be unwise to give too much away ahead of tomorrow night’s game. Perhaps he just prefers to do his talking at the stove. Welcome, in any case, to this parish, Barry …

Whatever happened in the FA Cup (beaten at home by Birmingham), you must fancy your chances of getting a hatful against us after our run.

Of course but will settle for 1-0

Everton have been on fire. Can you put your finger on what it was that changed your season around?

The return of Neville, and Fellaini playing in his favoured position.

Does it give you added pleasure that Liverpool have been going through such a tough patch on and off the field?

Oh yes.

Peter Reid and Paul Bracewell are among the names associated with both clubs. Any memories or thoughts on them, and other links between us?

Both legends.

What have been the highs and lows of supporting Everton?

Highs 85-87, lows everything after that.

Has our dreadful form surprised you or did we just flatter to deceive earlier in the season?

Injuries hit hard when you have a small squad.

Name this season’s top four in order, and the bottom three?

Man Utd

West Ham, Bolton, Portsmouth

If Everton and/or Sunderland were in neither list where will each of our clubs finish?

Everton 8th
Sunderland top 12

The Eduardo question. Arsenal fans hate the way I’ve personalised this but: last second of the last game of the season. A top four place depends on a win. Saha goes down and everyone except the ref knows he dived. You score the penalty and win. Take it gladly, take it guiltily or feel so ashamed you almost wish you’d missed out?

Take it gladly.

Was it outrageous to mention Saha in the context of such a question? Who are the game’s worst divers?


Club v country. Who wins for you, and why? And does it make a difference to you in a World Cup year>

Club. I’m an Everton fan who follows England.

Name one thing the football authorities or Everton could do to improve the lot of the supporters.

New stadium

And will you be there on Wednesday? What will be the score?

3-1 and no.

* Barry Maddicott on Barry Maddicott: 38, lives in south Devon, followed Everton for 25 years now, currently unemployed chef.

** Photo of Goodison Park from Gene Hunt’s Flickr pages

Colin Randall

6 thoughts on “Who are you? We’re Everton (in not many words)”

  1. i’m on the ball Colin! I always read these through – this was the quickest I have to say

    Btw, we tidied up your Recent Posts lists – are they better for you?

  2. Barry must have been half asleep when he answered your questions! Especially naming Neville as the reason for our turnaround in form! IMHO this is attributed to the return of Pienaar, Neville contributes little to a game apart from good leadership qualities.

  3. My goodness, a Liverpudlian who does not use twenty words where one will do. Hopefully, the word they will be using on Wednesday is a short one beginning with “f”.

  4. Just testing you, Sam. Or was I trying to make up for Barry’s preference for being economical with words?

    But thanks anyway. Readers should no longer see double when looking at the question mentioning Peter Reid, who was a little too old to play when he joined us.

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