Arsenal-Sunderland Observed

The Observer again asked Salut! Sunderland to sum up the game and Pete Sixsmith was ready and able to build on his seven-word Sixer’s Sevens verdict (“Seen worse, but the slide goes on”).

Let’s start, though, with a Gunner’s view:

Louise Cowburn
, Observer reader:

It was quite a good match especially after the other night, but it was a bit frustrating as usual. 2-0 was a fair enough scoreline but we had so many chances we should have put away more, although Sunderland just defended and defended. Eboué was absolutely fantastic and the crowd was behind him all the way; he looked a great player. Walcott was really classy but I wish he could finish, while Bendtner got a goal, which was great, but you sense the crowd expect more from him. He doesn’t seem to have the pace or the magic to play up front for us. Fabianski’s name got a big cheer when it was read out which was great.

The fan’s player ratings Almunia 7; Eboué 9 (Denílson 89 n/a), Vermaelen 8, Silvestre 7, Clichy 6; Ramsey 7, Song 7, Fábregas 8; Walcott 8 (Sagna 78 n/a); Bendtner 7, Nasri 8 (Rosicky 72 n/a)

Pete Sixsmith,

I’ve seen worse this season and there were signs of improvement that give us something to hold on to. But you have to take your chances and Campbell and Jones fluffed good opportunities. We do not win enough second ball and against Arsenal you cannot afford to give it away. The next two home games against Fulham and Bolton are absolutely vital for our chances. As usual Steve Bennett was awful – Fábregas committed the worst tackle in the game and Bennett chickened out of giving him a second yellow card. It could have been worse for us as the other results did not go too badly.

The fan’s player ratings Gordon 8; Hutton 7, Turner 6,Mensah 8, McCartney 5 (Bardsley 85 n/a);F Campbell 4, Ferdinand 6, Cana 5, Bent 6; Richardson 7, (Zenden 76 6); Jones 6 (Benjani 78 n/a)

5 thoughts on “Arsenal-Sunderland Observed”

  1. No apologies; the “tackle” made by Fabregas was a shocker; he was getting his own back on Mensah. It was worthy of a yellow card, but Bennett bottled it. I’m not defending Cana – his booking was quite right,- but I thought that the foul from Fabregas was unpleasant and nasty.
    You pays yer money, yer takes your choice!

  2. I could play at being Arsene and say Cana’s challenge was too far away from our end, but won’t. His tackling has become a liability and I was careful in my match report – see Arsenal 2 Sunderland 0: no disgrace, but no punch – to say Fabregas’s tackle was one of the worst, not the worst. And yet Arsene seems to like Cana, or did.

  3. Pete, that comment of yours about Cesc’s tackle has been made with the thickest of rose-tinted specs.

    Cana is a player whose tenacity and determination impress even opposition fans but his tackle on Eboue today was nothing short of disgraceful.

  4. Fábregas committed the worst tackle in the game ? Cana commited 2 horrendas doublefooted tackles, should have got an instant red for the first….!!!!!!

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