Forget Arsenal, forget Nov 21 – Feb 20: concentrate on Fulham


In the coming days, we’ll be hearing from a Fulham supporter – two, if Lily Allen’s publicity people pass Salut! Sunderland‘s questions on to her.
But for Sunderland supporters, it’s time to come to the aid of the club. Our fans deserve better than they’ve had to endure this season – and for most preceding seasons – but they also have a part to play in kickstarting the revival, says a (temporarily) mellowing Colin Randall

The defeat at Arsenal, hardly unexpected, is behind us. The terrible run of defeats and draws since we beat the Gunners in November is in the past, too. We’ve had our say, expressed our bitter disappointment and raised legitimate questions about the club, its management and its direction.

But that’s it. We now enter a spell of games at the Stadium of Light – four home ties with just one scheduled trip, a match at Aston Villa that their probable FA Cup progress tonight would put off – in which a combination of ability, commitment and – yes- luck would give our season a decent lift off.

It is the duty of all fans to get behind the team on Sunday, whether they are making long trips from domestic or international exile/residence, driving in from the large North-eastern catchment area covering most of Northumb-ria (as opposed to -erland) or just popping across the bridge or walking along the Roker Baths Road from the seafront.

Disappointment does not mean disaffection. We are entitled to feel deeply annoyed and frustrated by this season’s events, but our allegiance remains the same.

Fulham are a good side. Roy Hodgson has done a great job at the Cottage. But they are not invincible, they don’t actually perform that well on the road in the Premier League and they are there to be beaten on Sunday. Boo at the end, if you must, if we’ve play badly or gutlessly, but don’t jeer the first or second or third misplaced pass. That just plays directly into the hands of the opposition, unless you’re watching in the pub or on some dodgy web stream at home.

By all means hope that Shakhtar Donetsk soften them up in the Europa League tomorrow night or that Fulham minds are elsewhere When Sunday Comes.

But just let’s do our bit to get the run of homes games off to a three-point start …

2 thoughts on “Forget Arsenal, forget Nov 21 – Feb 20: concentrate on Fulham”

  1. I agree with Jon – Phil Brown has to be one of the largest tools ever to ungrace the premiership!

    As for the game – we got the result we anticipated, but we looked as though we found some self belief at last. Arsenal’s football is a sight for sore eyes. All they need is a prolific goalscorer and they’ll be winning trophies again.

    I have a feeling we will beat Fulham, and then Bolton. We have to give Steve Bruce a chance. Let’s face it he’s done what nobody else in living memory has done with our club – and that’s identify players that don’t (or don’t quite) cut the mustard, and he’s outed them at the earliest opportunity. To me that speaks volumes. Every player he’s brought in is Premiership quality – even the likes of Campbell, I believe will come good. One doubt I have is Kilgallon – who just seems to want to boot the ball as far up the pitch as possible, although good in the air.

    The football we witnessed at the start of the season was the best in years. We have almost a full strength squad, so I am daring to believe once more.

    It’s crucial to get behind the team on Sunday – the booing whilst justified is doing no good. We’ll stay up, and Brucie will be elevated to hero status within 2 years – mark my words. I’m just going outside to take a polaroid of the swine flying past my window. Nice.

  2. Sadly my dream treble for the drop – Hull (Phil Brown) , Blackburn (Allardyce) and Sperz are unlikely to go down (bar Hull) I most certainly believe after last Sasturday that Sunderland will have no problems surviving…. and you deserve it even with your pies and your Guardians in your pockets….

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