Lagos to London in the Ash Age: one Mackem’s odyssey

jim in accra
As Fraizer Campbell and Darren Bent set us en route to victory over Burnley, Jim Minton was scratching his head wondering how on earth he was going to get home to England from a working visit to Nigeria.

Some “nonsense in Iceland” was to blame, of course, not that Lagos felt too much like Iceland as Jim took refuge from his going-nowhere-fast experience at the airport in a steamy bar where he could watch the second half. That can’t have been much fun (the second half, not the bar).

Even when Air France announced that a flight – one flight only – might be allowed to head belatedly towards Europe, Jim, a London-based Sunderland supporter, still had plenty to think about if he was ever going to reach Blighty.

Throughout this challenging episode in his life, he kept fellow subscribers to the Blackcats e-mail list, which brings together SAFC fans based all over the world (including even Sunderland), mightily entertained with his thoughts.

The full account of how – whether – he made it can be read at our sister site Salut! by clicking this link. It’s an amusing read.

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