Sunderland 2 Burnley 1: safety assured

Colin Randall struggles to keep in touch one way or the other with events at the Stadium of Light, but manages to catch essential parts of an important, if not hugely impressive victory …

We started as if we might tear them apart and were left hanging on, though not deperately, at the end.

So Sunderland are safe mathematically, as were believed we already were in reality.

We could have done with seeing it done in more emphatic fashion, but a win is a win, safety is safety and we can now look forward to moving on next season. A lot of money has been spent by Steve Bruce and, with further strengthening, we are capable of finally moving on towards top six challenges as a matter of course.

Campbell and Bent took their goals well, as Thompson did his for Burnley. From what little BBC Radio Newcastle and dubious streams offered today – volcanic ash playing havoc with the internet now, too? – it was a scrappy game. But one where the result mattered more than the manner in which it was secured.

Come back over the next day or so for Pete Sixsmith’s authoritative match report. The last few games should now be relaxed affairs and bring an improvement on our present position.

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