Second half: Sunderland (2) 3 Tottenham (0) 1 – but what lies ahead?

NB This post superseded by Sunderland 3 Spurs 1. three sublime points

Two first half goals for Darren Bent, a fabulous chance to score a hat trick before the interval and a fourth afterwards. And then Peter Crouch made life uncomfortable until Zenden’s eased the nerves….

Sunderland’s first-half tenacity and surging pressure made them great value for the two-goal lead.

Bent’s second came from a penalty for a clear handball, though Spurs will question the intent.

The third that eluded him would have been from a second penalty, this one harsher after Campbell seemed to run into an outstretched foot rather than actually be tripped by it. Outcome: reasonable spot kick, excellent save.

The third penalty was the clearest, but again Gomes defied Bent.

But only a Spurs diehard would have doubted that SAFC fully deserved the lead. And we’ve certainly paid our dues in terms of dodgy decisions against us.

Now, with Pete Sixsmith inside the ground and the other half of Salut! facing distraction by family commitments that threaten access to screens or radio commentary, it remains only to hope nothing goes wrong.

Tottenham’s livelier start after the break – and our second penalty miss – makes that caution appropriate. And then Crouch’s simple header put Spurs straight back in the game when we should have been out of sight.

Zenden’s goal came as Salut! struggled to keep in touch with the game, live commentary via the SAFC club site failing again for some reason and the dodgy streams dodgier than ever. It couldn’t have been more welcome.

Whatever happens, we look forward to the completely partisan second-half reports that may, for all we know, appear in the comments box between now and this evening.
* football beginning to mount a selfish rearguard action against family obligations

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  2. Neither were pens but we’re getting what we deserve after a terribly sluggish start. The way Cattermole is going, I would be surprised if he finishes the game.

  3. PMSL

    Goalkeeper pushes ball out and it goes straight to someone’s arm


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