West Ham 1 (0) Sunderland 0 (0). Lacklustre performance punished

Colin Randall switches between radio commentary and stuttering streams to follow Sunderland to a disappointing end to our little run …

For 50 minutes, this was a nothing sort of game, despite how much was at stake, especially for West Ham but, we’d argue, for Sunderland too given the need to make up ground lost earlier in the season.

Then Ilan scored for West Ham after a needlessly conceded free kick led to an unconvincing attempt to defend a hopeful long punt into our box.

In the first half, Sunderland generally played the more controlled football, perhaps not surprising given the respective positions of the clubs as the match kicked off.

But little was created and West Ham looked more like scoring in what action there was in either goalmouth.

Craig Gordon may have been fortunate – was fortunate, according to Gary Bennett, summarising on Radio Newcastle – to get away with a tussle with Carlton Cole that could have seen him sent off, and the Hammers in the lead, soon after the keeper had been booked for inadvertently handling the ball outside his box.

We had a couple of moments, and Steed Malbranque again played a part in our more positive advances on the Hammers goal. One dangerous low cross that eluded everyone was the nearest we actually got to going ahead.

Sunderland would have been reasonably happy with the goalless state at half time.

But an improvement was needed after the interval if we were to have a hope of grabbing three points – and didn’t come.

Worse, we simply didn’t take the greater care necessary at the back to avoid handing the game to West Ham.

Kenwyne Jones came on, and this should have put the Hammers in a nervous frame of mind for the rest of the game. But we continued to show little threat, beyond a decent pass from Bent that set up Cattermole for a narrowly wide low shot and an untimely slip that flattened Bent when he was otherwise in a great position to score.

As the game petered out in stoppage time, West Ham sounded a lot more likely to double their lead than we did to snatching an equaliser.

And they had a second goal disallowed with seconds to go.

Steve Bruce was furious that the referee then made Sunderland wait for Hammers players to stop “celebrating” before we could get the free kick taken and make a last assault on the home goal. I was just furious that we had played with such lack of inspiration.

9 thoughts on “West Ham 1 (0) Sunderland 0 (0). Lacklustre performance punished”

  1. A T Hedley is right — without Bent, who’d be scoring goals for us on a consistent basis? There’s a great deal of work to be done in the off-season.
    This could be the game that has saved West Ham’s bacon. It should have been the game that helped seal their fate.

  2. Without Bent we definitely would be down!

    Jones plays full on for about 25% of the time we have no other consistent goal scorers although in fairness Frazier is starting to come good and Malbranque seems to have found his feet at last. We had good chances in this match by premiership standards and failed to connect.

    The goal we gave away is like a sucker punch which has knocked us out of a game time and time against this season the defence is inept in dealing with what is a school boy attack.

    Hammers were there for the plucking unfortunately we are not a good enough or perhaps consistent enough team to do it

  3. As Ive said in the past we are the deluded ones,our team is full of overpaid non contributors,we are a million miles away from achieving success,absolutely no pride in wearing the shirt,If Bent wasnt around we would be nearly down.

  4. Another lacklustre performance by both the Black Cats and the ref and assistants. In the second half the Ref seemed to lose the plot completely.

  5. Looks like the future isn’t so bright afterall. The win against Spurs was just a one off against an injury ravaged side. Season over

  6. LOL

    I told you, Bent the child only tries when he has a grudge against the opposition

    He does not give a toss about your club

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