Sod’s law … but vamos Paraguay all the same, like

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JOYOUS UPDATE from Le Cafe Marly, opposite the Pyramid at the Louvre, where I followed BBC coverage of the penalty shootout. Ha’way Paraguay – even if Maud, the Spanish waitress (really a student at the swish Science-Po happening to be doing a bit of waitressing), thinks they’ll be a pushover in the next round. My thanks to Peter Allen, who texted the Spain v Portugal score to my night train .

Sod’s law dictates that at kickoff time I’ll be inside the Louvre interviewing people about a forthcoming exhibition called Routes d’Arabie. I’d rather be watching Paraguay v Japan.

I’ll be on a train from Paris back down south later and therefore unable to post anything meaningful about a match I won’t have seen.

But in honour of red and white stripes, and of Cristian Riveros and Paulo da Silva, I must offer a spirited Ha’way Paraguay, and indeed a quick Vamos Ghana, too.

And Salut! Sunderland readers can do their bit by posting any thoughts they might have about the two remaining games of this stage. I loom forward to seeing them – always remembering that there will be a delay, for moderation, in posting any comments by newcomers (if you saw my daily diet of spam, you’d sympathise).

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12 thoughts on “Sod’s law … but vamos Paraguay all the same, like”

  1. Ronaldo looked like Paul Atkinson in that game; same sort of impact. I agree with Pete. “Our lads” might as well take the game to Spain. Their defence wasn’t tested. I hadn’t seen a lot of Portugal before this game and now feel that I haven’t missed much to be honest. Their forwards wouldn’t have been dangerous with Semtex last night. Awful to watch, but Spain look good. I’d even swap Andy Reid for that little number 6.

    I can’t believe the timing of this Bill. Canada day tomorrow and no games. The rest of the week it’s blackouts and running about with the bairn’s football matches and training. Another thing to hate Blatter for!

  2. Ouch. Withdrawal symptoms. Bad enough going from three matches a day to two. But two days with NO games? Does this mean I have to go out and get a life?

  3. Not a good tournament for superstars at all. Ronaldo was largely eclipsed, too, which I was not sorry to see. I wonder if Torres will even start on Saturday. The forecast is good here so I expect to be out on a patio for the game. And, yes, I’ll be yelling for Paraguay. But… well, as you say, losing to Spain is no disgrace.
    Vayamos Paraguay!!

  4. I think Paraguay will have a different approach on Saturday, For them it was important to get to the quarter finals. To lose to Japan would have been a disgrace; to lose to a quality team like Spain would be no disgrace.
    Spain looked very good tonight, apart from Torres. Iniesta, who was my player of Euro 2008, found his form and they hung in well. O thought Quieroz, the Portugese coach, made the second worst substitution of the tournament when he took the centre forward off. No prizes for guessing the worst one!!
    And why don’t the Spanish players sing their national anthem? There must be a reason!!!
    Viva Paraguay!!!!

  5. With all due deference to da Silva and Riveros, if Paraguay were tense about playing Japan, they must be bordering on catatonic about Saturday’s game. I’d love to see them pull it out of the bag, but I just don’t see how they can.

  6. Interesting that as they play the national anthems, the Portuguese team are singing their hearts out, except for Ronaldo who stands there looking superior. Superstars? I’ve shot ’em.

  7. Tense game Bill, with neither side wanting to lose. I think the quarter final will be different as Paraguay hav3 now gone further than they have ever been before – and further than so called “better” sides like England, Italy and France.
    Our two lads looked good. Da Silva has had an excellent tournament and has shown himself to be a very accomplished and composed centre half. Riveros is effective and very industrious. The header in the second half was indicative of a player who reads the game well and arrives at just the right time. And didn’t he take his pelenty well!!!

  8. Scrappy game so far, low on entertainment value and Paraguay’s lack of a credible forward line becomes more and more apparent. It’s their midfielders who score. But both sides are much of a muchness and whichever goes through to the quarters, neither looks to have much semi-final potential. There’ll be some serious talking going on in the dressing rooms.

  9. But don’t give away the scores or Jeremy will NOT be happy.
    Wouldn’t a Paraguay-Ghana final be something to see? Brazil keep steamrollering on, though. On yesterday’s form, I can’t see the Dutch beating them on Friday.

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