World Cup: a mid-tournament survey


Anyone want to claim credit for this neat summing-up of England’s fate?

Meanwhile, Salut! Sunderland‘s friends at Football United tell me their mini Global Football Monitor 2010 survey is now live.

In fact it has been live for a day or two and some of the options if you take part – like voting for England to win the World Cup – now seem, shall we say, improbable. We just haven’t had time to get round to posting it.

The first part of the survey, before the World Cup started, drew responses from 100,000+ fans on what they thought would happen. Italy, it emerged, had the most passionate fans, England fans didn’t trust referees (surely that was a mistake) and one in five Mexican fans intended to spend more than 10 hours a day watching the tournement.

Now that the last 16 are decided, Football United and Hattrick want to know if fans’ views have changed. Well, the one thing we know already is that the view of Italians, Mexicans and the English are now necessarily unbiased (except that we’re fans with all the prejudices you’d expect).

the survey is one page long and you can take a different route to it by clicking here and then choosing a language.

ballsImage: Shine 2010
The preliminary survey results can be seen at this link

Colin Randall

2 thoughts on “World Cup: a mid-tournament survey”

  1. Sorry, my mistake. Germany plays Argentina. Who would also have beaten up England. Tough match for Germany now and a really tough one for Holland/Slovakia.

  2. England got off lightly being hammered by Germany. Without giving the result away, they would REALLY have been beaten up by either Chile or Brazil. A very good game just ended. Germany is in for a tough match against the winner.

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