A Celtic nightmare – or dream move for Daryl?


When word first came through that Daryl Murphy might be on his way to Celtic, the relief of Sunderland supporters was matched only by the indignation of Celtic fans who berated Salut! Sunderland for daring to suggest the change of landscape could do wonders for the lad’s career.

Still no apologies from here, of course. The piece – found by clicking here, and also including a great clip of The Fields of Athenry, by the band Dance to Tipperary at Celtic Park – and our subsequent comments made our position abundantly clear.

We happen to like Celtic. We recognise that a Celtic playing in last season’s Premier would probably have finished one, maybe two or even three places higher than our own 13th. And that they would, in time, challenge for top six status. Even though we won, away, last time we played ’em.

But now that the deal has been done, and Murphy has actually signed for the Hoops, Celtic supporters are beginning to fret, if some of the posts at the Kerry Dale Street fan site are any guide.

Take a look at the comments for yourself. Among them, however, I did like this exercise in having it both ways:

Not really seen much of him, but the reaction seems to be he is abysmal.

quickly followed by (from same poster) …

If he was that bad, I doubt we would sign him.

But yes, I do believe Daryl Murphy can be a good player, and has the ability to prove he didn’t simply rediscover his natural level playing at Ipswich last season. I just don’t think that somewhere was likely, post-Keano, to be Sunderland.

Colin Randall

17 thoughts on “A Celtic nightmare – or dream move for Daryl?”

  1. Tony. Fulop appears to be on the way out. This has been the case time and time again with him. I’m not sure if the lad has it in him to become the emergency gap filler yet again.

  2. No I didn’t know about that. Apart from being too expensive I don’t think we need him. Am I wrong but what’s the matter with Fulop, as long as he hasn’t been sold yet. We seem to make disastrous mistakes with keepers.

  3. Obscene? Absolutely. To be charging that for any game is a disgrace but for an early pre season warm up exhibition without the main stars is unbelievable. Having said that I have no real sympathy for those that paid to turn up. They knew what they were getting.

  4. ManU beat Celtic 3-1 in a friendly in Toronto last night. Given the astronomical ticket prices and the fact that Brandchester didn’t bother bringing most of their more noteworthy players, it was all a bit of a sell-out. But not even close to being sold out. Still, it gave Sir Alex the chance to visit relatives in the city.

  5. Quinny needs to question himself as to why he gave this mediocre player a five year contract after one wonder goal, he is dreadfull, he may do well against the likes of Hamilton and Hibs where he may be able to convert one of his many chances,(no disrespect) but against european teams or the likes of Rangers he will show just how bad he is.

  6. Geoff

    I think he can fairly claim to have been played out of position at Sunderland. All the same he scored some crucial goals – not many but the sort that stick in the mind – and I sincerely hope he does it for you.

  7. I’d read that Daryl was usually played out ont he left wing when he was at Sunderland and occasionally also at Ipswich but his (natural?) position is striker – this might show why his goals vs games stats are so low but I’ve never seen him play (Celtic Fan living in Madrid)

  8. Seems like a very fair assessment, thanks for your comments about Celtic Colin. You will have to excuse the odd fiery word from Celtic fans, as all we normally get from fans of English clubs are a slagging off of our league & our club, so our backs are normally up from the start!

    Back to this lad.. seems like a dud. Great!! Add him to the list! Ha.

  9. I think that he will do well for them. I wish the lad well. He sounds very confident about his future with Celtic. He will score goals for them I’ve no doubt. His confidence will rise when he gets a couple and I will follow his progress up there.

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