21 today

Well no, the picture was taken at a birthday party at the Stadium of Light to mark (or try to forget) a more advanced age. The 21 applies to Salut! Sunderland‘s place in the order of things …

Thanks to all visitors to Salut! Sunderland, whether they support SAFC or the other clubs we write about, for the extraordinary support that has taken us today to our highest position in the Soccerlinks (think they mean football links) hit list: 21st.

Results from hit counting devices vary notoriously and while the Soccerlinks tally puts us on 860 for so far today – t’s 12.40pm-ish in France as I write – and a daily average of 830, Statcounter puts the average at 1,160 (including 960 unique visits).

So if you are here, you are in good or plentiful company. And if you offer to write for us, which brings ample reward in heaven but nowt else, you seem assured of an audience. Just leave a comment, if you’d quite like to see your words appear her, but use your proper e-mail address (which will not be publicly visible) or e-mail me at the address you see to the left and maybe up a bit.

The same goes for anyone who fancies their chances as part-time advertising agents. Sell space on Salut! Sunderland and I’ll pay decent commission. Just get in touch.

We are still a piddling little site compared with the big boys. Two Arsenal sites, Just Arsenal and The Gunning Hawk, with whom we have enjoyed amicable relationships (and from whom we’ve received Who are You? entries) are top and second with whacking daily averages of 13,800 and 11,800.

And it doesn’t take more than a couple of quiet days to send us hurtling down the ratings again. We’re also only 21st among those sites that choose to be listed.

But considering we were once something like 252nd, things are looking up. We’re also right at the top, most weeks, of the Footballunited.com chart for the most popular blogs under its umbrella, though one or two others, notably the West Ham Process and From Europe to Yeovil are handily placed to topple us.

All the same, it is good to know enough people drop in here to make the increasing band of people who contribute articles feel they were not wasting their time.

I look forward to seeing and publishing the offerings of existing contributors, and new ones, as the season develops.

Colin Randall

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  1. Congratulations. From 21st to 20th is but a single step. Meanwhile, though, the link from Salut! to here is still not working. That could be costing you valuable hits.

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