West Brom 1 Sunderland 0: bad to worse

How typical that after a brighter spell in the second half, a sloppily conceded late free kick – and booking – by Paulo Da Silva should lead to an Albion goal, Odemwing making up for an dreadful first half miss.

And how typical that unlike when we go one up – nervously hanging on to the lead – Albion simply pressed on in hopes of a second.

There was a late flurry from Sunderland, but two woefully taken corners helped to ensure that we still couldn’t create another proper chance, Bent’s poor first touch having earlier let him down badly when he should have scored

At half time, I said Steve Bruce was probably reasonably happy to go in with the game all square, and that there had been precious little else to please him.

Sunderland’s failure to demonstrate greater class, sharpness and punch, when faced with a newly promoted side widely expected to struggle all season, had been alarming. And frankly it got worse in the second half, apart from the short spell immediately before Albion’s winner when we were on top.

The fact is that we never once looked like scoring from start top finish. It was, all things considered, an appalling performance against relegation favourites who always seemed brighter and more composed.

Pete Sixsmith’s restrained seven-word verdict – see Sixer’s Sevens – might easily have included a word he used in a separate text message: useless.

West Brom couldn’t have hoped for a simpler test after that day-one hammering at Chelsea. We should have seen it as the best possible chance of an early away win, and utterly fluffed it.

With an immensely difficult run coming up, including games against Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool, a massive improvement is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it will be us looking up from the relegation zone come the autumn.

Colin Randall

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  1. Malcolm The law that allows the top sides to get away with more than mid table sides has been around for years now. It dates back all the way to the setting up of the Premier League mate. You need to keep up with developments!

    Terry as the England captain (deposed) has further allowances going beyond that.

  2. And speaking of refs. Although I used to like the X Files I’ve never been big on conspiracy theories but having watched MOTD, how come Cattermole was sent off last week and John Terry wasn’t yesterday? Has he taken out another injunction or is it really a case of one law for the top sides and another for the rest of us? Catts 2nd challenge was stupid but Terry’s was worse because it appeared to be done as an act of retribution.

  3. Oh, and sorry for commenting again, but it’s so ridiculously typical of how the press change their opinion so hypocritically and instantly on us.

    The referee was terrible today, I thought. Gave one of your blokes a yellow card that shouldn’t of been even a foul, I think – and gave some ludicrous decisions against us.

  4. You’re being harsh on yourselves, really tight, nervy game which I thought we might not win – Odemwingie should of netted his first chance but redeemed himself, but Bent looked dangerous and you got on the front foot for much of the second half.

  5. Sunderland fans are (through experience) died in the wool pessimists so lets put a positive spin on the season so far. We have scored two more goals than Wigan and conceded 7 less! But my early season concerns are more up front at the moment. DB has missed a couple he might have stuck away last season but it highlights how much we rely on him. And set pieces continue to be filed away under W for wasted opportunities.

  6. Back home debating with myself whether I should put myself through the agony of watching it all again on the box. Nothing good came out of that game at all. Maybe Brambles performace was acceptable. Next up colchester. Bruce should play the team that will face Man City. Today there were too many new combinations all over the pitch and we looked like a team that couldn’t play together. Usually I say wait 8 or 10 games to se where we stand but from what I’ve seen so far I already feel more than a little concerned. Ah well only 18 more away days – now there’s a thought!

  7. It would have to include Arjen Robben, who not only takes a lot of dives but spends as much time on the sidelines as he does on the field because of genuine injuries.
    And our very own Cattermole, who if he’s not being sent off is being helped off or carried off.
    I know Mensah is a sentimental favourite and a helluva player when he’s able to play, but I feared from the outset he’d be little more than an expensive liability on the Sunderland squad. Early days, I know, but I’ve yet to be proved wrong.
    In goal? Gigi Buffon gets hurt a lot.
    Best of the injury-prone bunch? Probably Lionel Messi.

  8. 2nd week of the season and her I am swearing at the text on the computer. How sad is that? The game is on Setanta soon but there’s no way am I going to watch it after what I’ve heard. It’s not easy being a Sunderland fan!

    After hearing about Mensah’s injury it seems that there are a few players who seem to be injury prone. What would be the best team of all time injury prone players>

  9. Well, …its like this….just because the press and stupid blinkered media consider west brom to be certs for relegation….it dont mean a thing……West brom are a class side, and with the new signings arriving, i will be amazed if we aren’t mid table at the end of this season.

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