Doing it for England: a good day for our Lads

Darren Bent, Danny Welbeck and Jordan Henderson are basking in international glory tonight after playing crucial parts in England victories …

Darren Bent off the mark for England and would have scored twice had Shaun Wright-Phillips not made a mess of an easy pass in front of goal. Not bad for a substitute, securing the 3-1 win in Switzerland after the home country had halved the lead established by Rooney and Johnson.

But it doesn’t end there.

Jordan Henderson cleverly set up the second of Danny Welbeck’s goals in the Under 21s 3-0 win against Lithuania, prompting one SAFC fan to say we really must make the most of him before Sir Alex comes in to make him Paul Scholes’s replacement.

And even Kevin Kilbane scored tonight, though Ireland were only playing Andorra (against whom 3-1 sounds almost embarrassingly close).

Almost as good, no Sunderland players were involved in Scotland’s woeful game against Liechtenstein at Hampden Park. Can you believe Scotland went a goal down and then needed seven minutes of stoppage time to bag a winner at the very end.

Benty’s goal is the real tonic, though. It will do wonders for his confidence at international level and send him back to our place with a buzz.

Let us hope he can start again where he left off when we play at Wigan.

Colin Randall

11 thoughts on “Doing it for England: a good day for our Lads”

  1. Darren Bent has only played once in a full strength, non-experimental England side and he scored one and would have had another barring an inept pass. All of Bents’ other games were in second rate line-ups. Great tosses to see (see next comment!) him score a cracking finish.

  2. Can you believe it a team with great England players Anderson, Watson, Towers haven’t had a goal scorer for 56 years, maybe there is something in the rumour they don’t like ud

  3. Who was the last Sunderland player to score for Enngland? Dave Watson, Tony Towers don’t think SKP ever scored

  4. The problem is Bill, Defoe has been giving a good account of himself, and although I only saw highlights, he looked sharp again tonight. One things for sure though. Darren has proved that his natural goal-scoring is not restricted to club football. As everyone on this planet already knew, Benty should have gone to South Africa. Everyone except someone whose name starts with “C” and ends in “”appelo”. “I’m going to select players in form” – oh really. Heskey’s 3 goals against Darren’s 26 somewhat undermines that promise. Anyway enough moaning. I’m extremely proud of our Darren and with any luck he’ll go on to be a top England striker for years to come and maybe some day Capello might admit that he got it very wrong. one more thing – Jordan Henderson is going to be world class. He has the nuts of an elephant.

  5. Careful, Michael, that’s what happened to Rooney and look how much it cost him.
    The downside of Bent’s achievement is that you could say it only took him a couple of minutes to score for England when, in fact, it took months and months. Under a better national team manager, that wouldn’t have happened. Darren would by now have been a regular in the side. I’ll be very interested to see Capello’s starting lineup for the next international. I wonder if he’s learned anything?

  6. A Sunderland player scoring for England. Who would have thought it when our “attack” was lead by Andy Gray and Jonathan Stead. That was only five years ago and it shows how much we have progressed under Drumaville, Short, Keane and Bruce – but particularly under Niall Quinn.
    Five years ago, Mick McCarthy wanted to sign Bent from Ipswich, but there was insufficient cash in the club coffers. Now we have paid £10m for him and £13m. for Gyan. Now, that’s what I call progress.

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