HT: Wigan 0 SAFC 0. A shocking lack of maturity

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Asamoah Gyan on as a sub and off the mark with a superbly cool finish after Jordan Henderson’s sublime work on the right followed by a great cross. Sadly, despite Simon Mignolet’s great work in our goal, Wigan equalised late when a shot going nowhere was headed past him. Earlier, another depressingly familiar story: Sunderland a player down and needing a backs-to-the-wall second half performance ……

Make immediate allowance for the ridiculous harshness of the first Lee Cattermole booking.

Then remember that a man given the responsibility of Sunderland’s team captaincy is presumably aware that having been booked, he must now take care to avoid rash tackles or general indiscipline.

So what did Cattermole do a few minutes later but make a rash tackle showing general indiscipline?

And off, for the second time in a season so young, he went. Andre Marriner may be Graham Poll’s favourite ref; he certainly isn’t mine. But having acted with completely unnecessary severity to award the yellow, he had no choice but to show it again when Cattermole launched into his no-hope tackle to bring down Hugo Rodallega just outside our box after 23 minutes.

The first thing that needs to happen is loss of the captaincy, a role for which he is quite obviously showing insufficient maturity at this stage of his career.

And the second is that Steve Bruce needs yet another reminder of the responsibility he shoulders in getting the players of Sunderland AFC, by whatever means he chooses, to stop what has become an embarrassing threat to our ambition as a club.

So we’re still level, but 10 against 11 yet again. We are not actually playing that badly – though nor were we playing well even before the sending off – but the stats tell the true story: one shot on target for us, none off; eight off target for Wigan, none on.

Despite the numerical imbalance, we could go on to get something out this game. In truth, the balance of play so far suggests anything could happen. But how difficult we make things for ourselves.

Colin Randall

4 thoughts on “HT: Wigan 0 SAFC 0. A shocking lack of maturity”

  1. Totally agree Martin. It’s very difficult to understand what (if anything other than red mist) is going through his head. It’s the fact that it’s so early in the game aswell that causes me concern. It’s really quite ridiculous and it can’t continue; it’s really that simple. I think that Bruce maybe gave hime the captaincy in a brace attempt to invoke some self discipline. It’s failed in dismal fashion, but I don’t blame SB for trying. He’s now going to be walking even more of a tightrope with officials then before, when he does come back, but it’s the most reckless behaviour that most of us have ever seen. If he doesn’t curb it then he has to go. He has to be drinking in the last chance saloon. No side can afford to carry this burden.

  2. Good call Colin. I usually represent the defence!! But as much as I like Cattermole as a player, his recklessness today was an utter disgrace. Considering so many fans made the trip, hoping to see a reversal of our away form, considering the renewed optimism after the City game, he yet again demonstrated an appalling lack of self control. After being booked once (albeit harsh) he flagrantly disregarded the potential for being sent off, and it’s consequences, by making a reckless and rash challenge. To me this amounts to a lack of respect for the fans and his fellow players, and he should be stripped of the captaincy immediately. It’s unfathomable!! He almost contrives to get sent off! I’m sure he’ll moan about his reputation going before him, but he is palpably reckless with some of his challenges, and he’s got to take responsibility for that, and try to eradicate it at least to some extent from his game.

    Steve Bruce is admired by the players for his skills of man management. Lets see what he does with Lee. I agree that he should hand the captaincy to someone more likely to lead by example. Personally, I would leave him out of the team and give Riveros a chance. Maybe then he would be able to reflect on his stupidity and it’s consequences!

  3. Yep, give Turner or Bent the armband… and find a backup holding midfielder!
    It’s a 2 game ban this time, at least one is the league cup match.
    But i do wonder although we did get booked quite a lot last year this sending off ratio is terrible.
    One must note that the ref was deffinately biased, at least 3 Wigan players should have been booked in the 2nd half.

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