Sunderland (1) 1 West Ham (1) 2: a limp exit?

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Exactly what we didn’t want. Out of the Carling Cup to a team that hadn’t won a single Premier game so far this season.

Good to see that Asamoah Gyan got another goal but this was a hugely disappointing result.

Pete Sixsmith was there and will tell us much more about the match in the next 24 hours or so, but we have blown a great opportunity to make serious progress in a competition clubs like ours can regard as winnable.

The London-based and therefore biased radio commentary I heard talked of West Ham being comfortable on their second half lead, more likely to go 3-1 than we were to equalise.

From afar, it seems an awful, almost embarrassing defeat. But what will Pete make of it?

I do, however, wish my Hammers supporting pal Sam H – the link is to his excellent preview – a safe journey home.
Colin Randall

11 thoughts on “Sunderland (1) 1 West Ham (1) 2: a limp exit?”

  1. Bramble has been arrested after an allegation of rape in a Newcastle hotel last night, as has another male. I think we should leave it at that until police investigations are complete. Arrested does not mean charged; charged does not mean guilty. However, I suspect he won’t be playing on Saturday.
    To the feeble minded, semi literate refugee from Care In The Community who found this site… how many would you have got for a similar game? 24/25,000 I suspect. Grow up.

  2. As you can imagine Colin, I’m delighted with the result. Honestly didn’t expect to get anything – especially after seeing a reduced strength lineup

    I ended up having a drink or two in the Weatherspoons by the train station in town. Met a quality Sunderland fan, spitting image of Peter Reid

    It was a great laugh – although I’m not sure I like the way the all queued single file at the bar

    Best of luck for the season mate

  3. We were pretty ineffectual. Gyan took his goal well and we had a couple of other decent chances that went begging but if it hadn’t been for Mignolet (who impresses me more eachtime I see him) it could have been a lot more. The most exciting thing I saw was the two OAPs who got involved in fisticuffs over what looked like a bag of chips and a personal stereo incident! Old enoughto know better!

    Never got to the Harbour View for my free pint though – arrived too near kick off.

  4. Same to you mate…Funnly enough i live only an hour away from sunderland and i really to go tonight…..We both have hard next matches so the best of luck to both.

  5. I had lunch today with Adam Gutteridge (who a while ago wrote a West Ham piece for you). I told him I thought this match, with no league pressure on the Hammers, was one they might just win. I really am gonna take up telling fortunes!
    It was certainly a result they’d be glad to see for a number of reasons, not least of which is it’s their first away win in more than a year. Helluva game for Victor Obinna, who I believe is not even permanently signed yet to West Ham, laying one goal on and scoring the other.
    But that’s scant consolation for us. At least we got away with no one injured or sent off. And, whatever else may have gone wrong, at least we’re not Everton!

  6. I am a West Ham fan and you make West Ham sound terrible..When in all reality, All we have had is a very hard opening to a season. The only game that we never played good was against Aston Villa…We was all over Bolton and deserved to win and we got a draw against stoke who is a very hard team to get any points from at home…Unlucky for today though…But Gyan looks like an amazing prospect and i can see him and bent smashing them in this season.

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