The Liverpool verdict: on its way


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Today, I am away from Gary Bennett and Nick Barnes, always a sound matchday listen on BBC Radio N**cas**e, and from all those dodgy internet streams, because work requires me to interview the French band Moussu T e lei Jovents in Marseille.

Pete Sixsmith will, as usual, be at the game and will send his Sixer’s Sevens verdict soon after the final whistle.

When it will appear here will depend on who is available, and when, to post it.

Thousands of Salut! Sunderland workers would be on strike against against French pension reforms, or British spending cuts, if only they existed in the first place (the staff, not the reforms/cuts). So it’s down to whoever is left.

I will be driving when the game kicks off, and cannot imagine Frenh radio helping me much with updates from Anfield, and meeting the band throughout the second half. They’ll have to put up with me consulting my mobile from time to time for Pete’s text messages.

When Pete’s Soapbox report from the game appears is also governed by timing. I will be on the road from the south of France back to London, setting off Monday, and have a feeling French traffic cops would frown on using the laptop while driving on the autoroute.

Normal-ish service should resume on Wednesday, if another pair of hands hasn’t been able to help out in the meantime.

And we have two one decent Manchester United previews lined up, one a set of responses provided by a pal who was never quite good enough to play for his beloved Red Devils and had to make do with the lesser glory of having trials with Bury.

Oh, and he’s from Manchester more or less, which seems rather novel for a United fan. The other preview is from the excellent Republik of Mancunia site and both will go live in the second half of next week.

Colin Randall

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  1. Even from the Vieux Port in Marseille, you can tell Liverpool’s early goal makes Darren Bent’s beach ball look like as a recognised a part of the playing field furniture as goalposts and corner flags.

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