Worst goalkeeping howler ever?

Eric Roy’s Nice beat our pantomime villains Bordeaux 2-1 tonight to maintain their unbeaten record and keep the awful Girondins in the doldrums. More of that to come but for now ….

Had to share this since it was on the French news and I caught the tail end.

I presume it’s a penalty shoot-out.

Keeper saves and considers it the moment to turn to the fans, beat his chest and seek general acclaim.

All the while the ball, which he’d parried rather than caught or pushed round the post/over the bar, is creeping towards the goal line. And over it …

The penalty taker stakes his claim. He looks towards the ref. And the ref nods and awards the goal.

I am not sure who was playing or what depended on that kick. I just felt it was too good not to pass on. Fill in the detail if you know more …

Colin Randall

5 thoughts on “Worst goalkeeping howler ever?”

  1. Mikey mate your talking balls, who told you that rubbish, are you the fountain of all knowledge or were you too lazy to take 5 seconds to check that out? I’ll go for the latter, Law 14: the referee decides when the penelty kick is over. Simple. Or is there a crazy Moroccon rule that I’ve missed?

  2. This goal should not have been given, once the ball stops going towards the goal its no longer in play. but still he should have picked it up or somthing.

  3. Can you imagine how he felt after strutting away and then turning around and seeing the ball in the net? This could end the guy’s career — his confidence must be shattered.

  4. As the father of an aspiring young goalkeeper, this is the stuff that your worse nightmares are made of!

    It has to be THE BIGGEST HOWLER ever, Salut. You are dead right! It’s the arrogant walk away to take the bow before the apparently non-existent crowd that makes it. It’s got to be canned crowd noise! There’s nobody there!

    Pantomime of the highest order. The keeper’s agent should be Mel Brooks.

  5. It’s from this weekend’s quarter-final match between FAR Rabat and Maghreb Fez in Morocco’s Coupe du Trone tournament. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and went to penalties. This is Rabat’s goalie Khalid Askri. Maghreb Fez won 7-6.

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