Sickbed blues, and never having to say sorry

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We have the sterling assistance of Pete Sixsmith, Luke Harvey, Bill Taylor and our Who Are You? contributors to thank, along with the good fortune of a long break without proper football.

But one way or another, Salut! Sunderland has done its utmost to keep up a decent stream of of interesting, amusing and plain daft articles despite Monsieur Salut’s severely reduced activity in his immediate post-op phase.

Despite this, many readers have raised concerns about access to the site. We have heard of people from the North East to Surrey, from Canada to South America, having difficulty in seeing Salut! Sunderland at all, or – once at the site – finding it impossible to read full articles, post comments or navigate links to older material.

This is infuriating, not least because our own collective ability to deal with IT issues could be described in full on the back of a small bus ticket.

To add to the more persistent techie nightmares, we suddenly found today that it took 20 seconds or more for the home page to appear in full – or to do anything else once it did pop up. As suddenly and without convincing explanation as the problem had occurred, it then disappeared so that pages appeared to “load” normally again.

We are heartily fed up with having to say sorry. We recognise that not everyone will have the patience to wait for us to sort out these things. Some of those who do give up in exasperation will simply not return.

All that can be said is that we are fully aware that these problems are cropping up – not quite a new one each day, though it sometimes seems that way – and hope they will be short-lived and ultimately eliminated. And to those who have shown a bit of understanding and kept trying, thanks!

5 thoughts on “Sickbed blues, and never having to say sorry”

  1. I can just aboutunderstand Youtube links somehow slowing down the site but surely they couldn’t be the reason we no longer hear from two Mackem Robsons in Canada – Jeremy and Martin – who cannot acces the Salut! Sunderland at all or find themselves directed to a very old posting from which they cannot navigate their way anywhere else on the site. Or whay Bill couldn;lt see it when in South America.

    There are clearly problems tha – for all their efforts – have simplybeen unable to identify and correct

  2. I have also found that the home page suddenly opens in double quick time.
    For what it’s worth, I think it’s something to do with the page not having any ‘You Tube’ items. I have found that this and other sites do tend to load very slowly with these links.
    But what does an old sod like me know !!

  3. There’s a girl in New York City, who calls herself a human trampoline – according to Paul Simon!!

  4. Do you have enough digital mobility to do a bit of spam-clearing? I see that over on Salut! someone’s touting trampolines. Unless that’s a euphemism for something that increases one’s amatory prowess.

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