SAFC v Everton: fan’s view – ‘I don’t particularly like Newcastle’


Rachel Flannery* is an Evertonian with special reason to be invited to answer our “Who are You?” questionnaire ahead of tonight’s SAFC v Everton game. She lives and works in the North East, and chairs the regional supporters’ club branch. Trust a woman to get straight to the point: Wear/Tyne matches are not derbies, she says, since they are not between clubs of the same city. And Newcastle United? “Win a couple of games and they’re the best in Europe”. She said it, not us …

Salut! Sunderland: Despite a poor start, you seem to be showing signs of having a decent season. What are your minimum and maximum expectations?

Maximum expectation – would be an FA cup run and finishing about 6th. Minimum expectation would be finishing above 10th. Ever the optimist!!!

Who are the players we should fear and do any of ours worry you?

I never worry about players from opposing teams as “on our day” we can give anyone a run for their money, look at the draw against man united. In terms of players to fear….. Well every players is on or off the boil.
Cahill and Coleman are on form at the minute.

The Everton glory days were exhilarating even for neutrals. Do you honestly expect them to return, and if so in what time frame and what would it take to recreate them?

We will never get the 1980s era back – Liverpool saw to that. What has been and gone we have to live with – I was pleased to have been a part of it and see success for my team. We will see snippets of it again, but realistically unless Kenwright is tempted by the greed and we are bought – that great success is a long time coming.

Even though you get Blue/Red family divisions in Liverpool, the Mersey derby retains a special quality. Describe what it means to you.

I hate the derby games with Liverpool – they have never been the same since the start of the millennium. As the younger generation comes through the bitterness is back. Gone are the days when I could get a ticket for my friend and vice versa who is a red. The family just agree not to speak to each other until two days after the game.

What took you to the North East and what do you make of our own rivalries?

Work brought me up to the North East. In terms of rivalries – you cannot exactly call it a derby as both teams are not in the same city. I don’t particularly like Newcastle – they are not dissimilar to Liverpool – win a couple of games and they’re best team in Europe. As for the loyalist fans in Europe – they all talk a good game of football but when I ask the Geordies had they been the game none of them appear to go!!!! Grabbing 10 minutes on MOTD is not a true analysis!!!!

Salut! says see also: the need to change our record vs Everton – and why beating Chelsea meant more than being thrashed by Newcastle

Have you already forgotten the World Cup or cannot you wait for the next one?

Club before country every time – English Manager PLEASE!!!!

Greatest players ever to wear the Everton colours. And those who had no right to?

Paul Bracewell – most influential player of my youth.
Dixie Dean – Speaks for itself – 60 goals in one season
Duncan Ferguson – he was a legend and I man who stuck to his word
Neville Southall – If he had been English – Shilton would not have been between the sticks for as long as he did.
Bob Latchford – Too young to see him play
Kendal, Harvey, Ball – the Holy Trinity – History is passed on in our family.
Sheedy – Best free kick taker EVER – better than Beckham.

Gary Lineker – Will he ever admit he played for Everton.
Francis Jeffers – He was a tool to kiss the Arsenal shirt
Jury is out on Rooney
Back of the Echo – Baccayoko – can’t remember how to spell his name.

Do you have any knowledge of or feelings about Sunderland – the club, the fans, the city, the region? And any memories of Peter Reid as Evertonian?

Peter Reid was a great player for Everton who got kicked off the park every week but was a battler. He always give 100 per cent every week. He eats breathes and live football.
Sunderland has always been my favourite away game as I have great mates who support Sunderland. I was at the 7 – 1 or was it 7 – 0 against Oxford when Stadium of Light had just opened.
I remember the pies used to be cold for away supporters when at Roker. Drinking in the Bluebell near Roker. I was also at Dickie Ord’s Testimonial only because Bracewell was playing. Everyone got is as a junior that night £5 !!!! I have never had any trouble at Roker or Stadium of Light – always felt welcomed and we always welcome Mackems at our pub in Liverpool – Black Horse – Walton Church.

Is it time to abandon high-minded principles about fair play and accept that cheating – diving, feigning injury, trying to get opposing players sent off or booked – is now part of the game? If not, how do we stamp it out?

Get a grip of the referees…. They are the biggest biased cheats. How many games now do you talk more about referee decisions than the actual team performance – Referees cost the game more times than anything now.

What is your honest view of corporate football and the way the game has gone?

Football is a sport – entertainment – when did football become theatrical!?! Far too much money on players – the manager’s job becomes harder and harder – How are managers meant to motivate millionaires !?!

Name the season’s top four in order and the bottom three. Where will Everton and Sunderland finish?

Top Four: Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea, Man City – Bottom of the league – Newcastle!!!! Ha Ha

How often do you get to games? Will you be at ours?

Every home game – league and cup!!! – half the away games if possible. I will be at the Stadium of Light tonight.

What will be the score?

Draw written all over it.

* Rachel Flannery on Rachel Flannery:

I chair the North East Branch of Everton Supporters. We travel to home games in conjunction with the Cumberland Supporters who operate a bus to the game. We have free membership and we are affiliated to Everton Football Club – If you know of any Evertonians out there – please ask them to contact us via the Regional Supporters at this link on the Everton Website

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  1. well, if our pies are cold, revenge is dished out at Goodison in the form of “Scouse” – probably a smashing dish when made at home, but those dollops of undefined vegetable matter in a polysytrene tray (obviously “blind scouse” as there’s no meat in them) are beyond doubt the worst food I’ve ever sampled in a football ground!

  2. We weren’t all as prejudiced as Dave, Rachel, either towards women or visitors. The pies were always cold in the home end as well.

  3. The unedited version of Dave’s comment reminded me to remind readers that while responses are welcome, from SAFC and non-SAFC fans, they will be held for moderation if you haven’t posted before. That is mainly to keep out spam, but other considerations apply, too, as you will see above.

  4. Good, well-reasoned stuff, though I hope Rachel’s wrong about the game having draw written all over it.

    “Win a couple of games and they’re the best team in Europe…” brilliant observation!

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