Luke’s World: The Chelsea Power Show

It’s often said that being a Sunderland supporter is never dull.  Just when we might have thought we were heading for a straightforward, mid-table finish, we have the low of Newcastle followed by the high of Chelsea.  Luke Harvey reflects on an amazing fortnight, and applauds our players’ resilience in bouncing back.  

I could write reams and reams on my emotions and thoughts after the amazing destruction of league leaders Chelsea. None would truly convey all my feelings and none would be as good as Sixer’s succinct seven word round up, but the victory over Chelsea is easily as amazing as the Newcastle result was terrible.

The focus and commitment from the team was second to none. From beginning to end we looked in control of the situation, and even with a slender 1-0 lead Chelsea never looked like mounting a serious comeback – although I didn’t rule out the possibility until Welbeck made it three.

As already said elsewhere on this site: we were magnificent from front to back – and all without our talisman Darren Bent, proving we weren’t just a one-man team. With results since the Newcastle debacle looking very promising, it seems like Gyan and Welbeck have quickly formed an understanding up front – although surely Bent’s place in the team won’t be in jeopardy when fit.

While the £13m Ghanaian may be taking most of the plaudits up front – although I’m unsure where I stand on his dancing skills (I won’t complain to seeing them a few more times this season) – the rest of the team are deserving of equal praise.

Phil Bardsley, hardly at the forefront of your mind when you think of defenders excelling this season, has stood out as a trouper as far as I’m concerned. Even against Newcastle, the first twenty minutes he put himself about like nobody’s business and even against a star-studded Chelsea squad remained solid.

Two wins and a draw, regardless of the opposition, doesn’t clear all the Sunderland names from the nightmare at Newcastle, but it does go some way to gaining back our pride. Make no mistake, a 3-0 away victory against Chelsea is great – amazing in fact – but losing 5-1 to our biggest rivals is a wrong that will take a lot to right.

Fortunately the team has bounced back brilliantly. With wins over Manchester City and Chelsea, and draws with Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool nobody can argue that we don’t deserve to be in the rather lofty position of sixth.

The chances of us ending the season there are rather slim. We’ve been tested against the biggest opponents in the league but it’s our form against the rest of the teams – the Evertons and the Fulhams of the league that will tell us more about our likely finishing position.

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  1. The result left me a little numb it was so unexpected, where does reality begin and fantasy end? We have not produced anywhere close to that performance this season, although apart from the debacle at SJP we haven’t been bad and the season look to be going well and beating City with honourable draws against Arsenal, Liverpool and Man u seem to be indicating steady progress they didn’t have anyone feeling confident of a win against Chelsea. Was it a fluke? The Mags beat Aston Villa and us with heavy margins my thoughts were “just one of those days. We murdered Chelsea and if we could play consistently like that we would win the league without doubt. Is that realistic? Are we really that good has some unexplainable Cosmic Event taken place that has suddenly transformed a good team into world beaters. The result has left me with more questions than answers the seson is an emotional merry-go-round what next

  2. I’ll bet you a pint GDS that the Mackems finish above the Mags!

    Loser has to go a pub of the winner’s choosing – not the Strawberry or The Colliery Tavern though! 🙂

  3. Though it pains me to say it the SMB’s thoroughly deserved to stuff Chelsea. I have to say well done but I still think we’ll finish higher. It would be nice to see the SMB’s second in the league as long as we were first.

  4. i’m a diehard mag and (as i’m sure you’re aware) thoroughly enjoyed stuffing you boys last week, however, i must take my hat off wrt your w/e display against chelsea – truly amazing performance! I watched the game and think that chelsea were lucky to get nil, should have been more – well deserved (i’ve got a bitter taste in my mouth now after saying that lol) … credit where its due though – brilliant display! No doubt contributed to the exorcism of the derby disaster.

    Just hoping that you haven’t stirred up a hornets nest for when we play them at SJP next week; you know what they say.

  5. The fact that Bardsley is playing like a trooper has not only given us some solidity in the left back slot but has also increased SB’s options in midfield, allowing him to use Richardson in an attacking midfield role. With Mensah (and an equally rejuvenated Ferdinand) seemingly fixtures in the treatment room and the £2m Argentinian struggling to feature for the rezzies, Phil Bardsley’s form has been vital of late. Long may he maintain it!

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