The proof for Spurs: how Cattermole “nearly maimed” Modric

Don’t tell ‘un(h)appy ‘arry but this is one view of the “career-threatening” challenge by Lee Cattermole on Mr Luka Modric at White Hart Lane the other night.

Not quite as Redknapp or Modric saw it.

And I am not sure where the graphic began life. Its journey to me seems to have started with Trevor Longstaff, esteemed former editor of 5573, later Wear Down South, magazine of the London and SE branch of the SAFC Supporters’ Association.

If anyone can fill in missing details of provenance, and offer an informed view on whether it may one day fetch £43m at auction in Pinner, please let me know.

But for now, let us us just give thanks that Modric is still alive. It was a close-run thing.

Monsieur Salut

10 thoughts on “The proof for Spurs: how Cattermole “nearly maimed” Modric”

  1. the graphic did the rounds a couple of years back without the stripes, and was called something like “Christiano Ronaldo dribbling class”. This version is, of course, much better

  2. All the noise coming from Moric & Rednapp is ludicrous.
    Modric is well known as someone who goes down very easily immediately anyone has the temerity to tackle him and “rent a quote Harry” of course has the ear of the southern based press men.
    The tackle was perfectly legal,Cats played the ball first and tere was no intent on malice. The ref heard the crowd howl and he immediately produced the yellowcard–A really poor deciscion–one made because the player involved was named Cattermole

  3. Great stuff. Of course it’s OK to laugh about these things now we know poor Modric is out of hospital and on the mend.

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