The Blackpool ‘Who are You?’: more plaudits for Jimmy Armfield

Just a few words on how yesterday’s interview with Jimmy Armfield ahead of today’s big game at the Stadium of Light got people talking about Blackpool’s exemplary man of football …

It is not often that we get 3,500 visitors in a day. Newcastle going down (us gloating) and the 5-1 drubbing at St James’ Park (much of it them gloating) did it, and so did our famous victory at Stamford Bridge.

But it is about three times the daily average.

All the more reason to be delighted that when it happened again yesterday, the main reason was that people wanted to read the thoughts of Jimmy Armfield, our Blackpool “Who are You?” interviewee.

You need only scroll down a couple of articles to see both the interview and the welcome sprinkling of comments posted by Sunderland and Blackpool fans.

But I make no apology for reproducing responses that also appeared at Ready to Go’s SMB forum and the Blackpool branch of after references were made there to our piece. The praise for Salut! Sunderland can stay, too.

* “Thanks for that. Nice interview and decent site.” – Rokerman (SMB)

* “He’s a top fella and still a great radio co-commentator/pundit.” – Arkle (SMB)

* “Great man, very knowledgeable. Shame they often have him co-commentating with the git that is Alan Green.” – Ageing Grey Mackem (SMB)

* Jimmy Armfield is the best co commentator (or pundit if you like) in the business and has been as long as I’ve listened to football on the radio.” – englishman abroad (SMB)

* “Agree, Jimmy Armfield is a national treasure.His views are in complete contrast to the Sky crap.” – Fergus (SMB)

* “That was a lovely read, thanks for that!” – Hawaygordonman (SMB)

* “Quality interview and a cracking site. Good to see Peter Sixsmith on it. A top SAFC fan I met him when Sunderland were playing in Galway and what a lovely knowledgeable fella he is.” – Kingdom Bhoy (SMB)

* “Cracking read. I love that Salut Sunderland site. It’s a real inspiration for my own.” – JohnnyWheeltrim from The Roker Report (SMB)

* “A proper footballing man who I am sure remains a legend at Blackpool but whose words are appreciated by the proper footballing fraternity.” – Madmartin2 (fansonline)

* “Sometimes you take things for granted and do not appreciate what you have got (until it’s gone!)

This modest and sincere man is an absolute legend, universally liked and admired throughout the game. Another reason to be proud to be tangerine! ” still8pne (fansonline)

* “Good stuff.” – bowbell (fansonline)

* “nice one, thanks fr sharing..most money he made was 70 quid a week!” – GynnSquarePhoenix (fansonline)

Monsieur Salut

* Old photo of Jimmy from Dave Tomlinson‘s Picasaweb gallery

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