Just tell Manchester United Danny Welbeck is useless

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Pete Sixsmith is getting used to Manchester United fan sites asking about Danny Welbeck. For this latest form report, for the Stretford End Arising, he added the words: “You can’t have him back, you know. He’s ours now.” That won’t work, Pete: tell them he’s hopeless …

I like to think that I know a bit about football.

As a literal and metaphorical greybeard, I go back a long way and I can convince gullible folk that I am something of an expert. So, when I said Danny Welbeck was a bit of a disappointment in the October review, I would imagine many of you nodded your heads sagely and said: “He knows what’s what.”

Well, of course I don’t because Danny has shown the likes of me and 36,000 other regulars at the Stadium of Light, that he is a very, very good footballer and that he is totally undeserving of the criticism that some have made of him.

He has scored four goals in three games, has linked up well with internationals from England and Ghana and has really looked the part. The goals he has scored are all strikers’ goals: picking up a shocking back pass from Ashley Cole, a stab in the six yard box and a great back header against Everton and a powerful downward header against Wolves, which should have won us the game.

In addition to that, he has looked comfortable on the ball and has threatened to score a number of times. Clearly he read my October comments and showed them to The Brucester, who immediately took notice of them.

Danny now looks as if he is going to force our erstwhile manager into playing three up front at times. With Bent and Gyan, he will hopefully form a formidable attacking trio. Now, if you could lend us Jonny Evans again, we might just get the defence sorted out.

* Sadly, this is what Steve Bruce told the Sunderland Echo:
“ … in terms of converting any loan player to a permanent signing, you have to accept it’s a fact of life that in most cases, the better they do the less chance you have of getting them. And the way that Danny is going, if he continues his progress, he’ll be out of the reach of any but the very biggest clubs around.”

8 thoughts on “Just tell Manchester United Danny Welbeck is useless”

  1. Any player coming out on loan from Man U must have potential, but that doesn’t mean he will form part of their 25 man squad. He is not even considered cover, thats why Danny was loaned out, he is still young but so are Rooney and the little pea and the production line at the Manchester academy will have others on it. We thought Johnny Evans was a world beater but he is a bit part player at Old Trafford and maybe he looks back at his time on Wearside with fondness and regret. Do we need Welbeck? Frazer Campbell is on the mend Gyan and Bent are world class. He has had a good run at Sunderland but realistically with the huge investment the club has made in Gyan & Bent still busy bedding in will he have a better chance at 1st team football here, maybe not. I don’t expect him to sign permanently and am comfortable with that but hope we look back on a major contribution made by Daniel Welbeck and a fondess that is reserved for a select few

  2. Pete , Wasn’t slagging your club off mate, more worried about Evans than Danny right now TBH. Till True order and the end of days come together, this still is working out just okay for the both of us ;P

  3. Pete’s right about Welbeck. For about the first 8 games for us he was brilliant. Last three or so, he’s been shocking.

    Do you Mancs remlember Roger Wylde? Well, for those that that do he’s a lot like Roger on an off day.

  4. Maybe if Evans played consistently week in week out he would regain some of his form.

    As for three up front, I would like to see Gyan start. We looked more of a threat against Wolves with Gyan on. I am sure SB can work on having DB,DW and AG start up front together. At the moment I think DB and AG would occupy the central slots.

    What I like is their work rate. All three put a good shift in and are good finishers.

    Now all we have to do is have our two centre-backs stepping up to the plate and I think we’ve got a very, very decent team capable of beating anyone… (go on I’ll say it) … home OR away!

  5. Maybe not, elvido. Big clubs like Sunderland have no desire to be a nursery for parvenu’s like United. When the true order of things is re-established, we will be loaning players to you.
    As you can see, cabin fever is setting in here in the snowy wastes of County Durham.

  6. We could give you Evans right now, maybe get his mojo back? Thanks for giving Danny the game time and confidence he so desperately needed. Do one on Evans and maybe we can make this a rolling thing?

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