A Sunderland-Newcastle match to triumph over tragedy

When a Mag loves a Mackem ...

A break from meaningful football – Fabio Capello would know what I mean – sets the mind wandering. Mine strayed to Abu Dhabi and two colleagues from my time there who have just tied the knot, producing another mismatch in the history of Mackem/Mag marriages …

It may be Valentine’s Day but no one has ever accused Salut! Sunderland of being an incurable romantic.

We were deeply moved all the same by the story Georgia Lewis told here in April last year about the appalling event that brought a tragic end to her relationship with a Sunderland fan, whom she had met while both were working in Dubai, and the happiness she later managed to find – also in the UAE – with a Mag.

Well, the love story that transcends tribal differences has had its logical conclusion.

Georgia, an Australian who had pledged lifelong loyalty to SAFC in honour and memory of her previous boyfriend, and Paul McMullan have just got married.

It actually happened last month, on Georgia’s home ground – Bathhurst, Australia – but news can be slow to reach us from the colonies. In any case, Feb 14 seemed as good a day as any to note this sequel to Georgia’s tale, which can be seen by clicking here.

Accounts of the wedding suggests that things did get off to a shaky start, Georgia seemingly succumbing to Paul’s demands for a black-and-white colour scheme at the reception.

But she was quick to offer reassurance: “Fear not, there were red flowers in white pots on the table and I was always going to carry the red roses and wear red lipstick! The black and white sashes were on the ceiling at the venue from a previous function and the manager let us leave them up for free for our wedding – I decided to leave them up in the spirit of being nice to my new husband and inlaws.”

Both Georgia and Paul are now due to start new jobs in London. Salut! Sunderland wishes them well and trusts that any children will be required to ignore anything dad has to say and follow their mother’s allegiance.

Monsieur Salut

5 thoughts on “A Sunderland-Newcastle match to triumph over tragedy”

  1. You’ve obviously never been truly in love Jeremy mate. It doesn’t matter who they support, when it hits you, you know

    Posted with helping hand from M Salut – unidentified gremlins got in the way

  2. Best wishes to both Georgia and Paul. It’s heartwarming to know that there’s a happy ending to Georgia’s tale.

    But don’t be putting up with an Mag nonsense mind Georgia! 🙂

    Good luck!

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