Everton 2 Sunderland 0: headlong into a slump

Whether Sunderland deserve a quick post-match report is frankly in doubt.

But one exchange from BBC Radio Newcastle’s live coverage seemed to sum it up rather well. It went a little like this:

Gary Bennett: “How could Ferdinand be muscled off the ball like that by Arteta?’

Nicky Barnes: “I don’t know what he thought he was doing there.”

Bennett: “I don’t know what he thinks he’s been doing all afternoon.”

That was Beckford’s second goal. Anton was also culpable in the build-up to the first with a painfully weak defensive header.

And he was hardly alone. The commentary suggested an utterly woeful performance against a team that were hardly earth-shatteringly good but out-thought, outfought and outclassed us all over Goodison Park.

After four successive defeats, we are truly in a slump. And with Arsenal (a), Liverpool (h) and Man City (a) to come for the next three games, can anyone please tell Salut! Sunderland where our next points are coming from?

If you had the advantage on me and saw the game by onbe emans or another, let us know how it was for you – if you can bear to.

Monsieur Salut

2 thoughts on “Everton 2 Sunderland 0: headlong into a slump”

  1. I’ll nail my colours to the mast immediately – I’m not a Bruce fan and never will be. So the following comments won’t come as a surprise;
    I’d implore all my fellow SAFC supporters to go and look at his managerial record. Don’t believe the chairman’s hype, it’s mediocre at best. Strip out the Championship results and it’s woeful.
    Trawl a few of his previous clubs and you’ll soon see a common thread, fine when things are going well but unfortunately clueless, tactically inept nor any sign of a plan B when his team are up against it.
    Finally I hope Mr Short’s pockets are as deep as we are led to believe as now thanks to the premature award of a new contract, getting rid of this numpty will cost all of us dear.

  2. Unfortunately I did see the match. The above comments by Gary and Nick could well apply to at least half the team. The rest weren`t much better. Don`t know what it is about Goodison but we never seem to bother turning up at that place. Everton have good, effective players but not that good that we don`t even compete. First half was a disaster – terrible finishing by Keiron. The defending only left me swearing at its total incompetence. Second half – may as well have gone home at half time – we didn`t compete at all. Everton could well be forgiven for thinking about the FA cup next week. All together a most unsatisfactory performance. Bring on Arsenal – a similar level of performace could lead to records of the wrong type being set.

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