Steve Bruce: when playing Chelsea, three giftwrapped goals won’t do

We’re back on first-name terms – the absence of a “Dear Colin” was just an oversight – but Steve’s latest post-match message is a lesson in might have beens …

Dear Colin

For the neutral it was wonderful, I’d have thought.

The disappointing thing for us is the goals we’ve conceded. The reason why we’re in the position we’re in is because we haven’t given much away defensively.

Tonight we’ve gifted them goals and for me that shouldn’t have happened. It’s difficult enough to play against Chelsea at the best of times but it’s even harder when we concede goals like that.

It was a poor penalty, a poor second goal and a poor third goal. They had their chances and you can’t do that against quality opposition.

No-one can question the players’ effort and commitment and some of our football going forward was terrific against what I have to say is a terrific Chelsea team.

We’re disappointed. Look at the goals we’ve given away – we’re better than that. We did the hard work but when you give Chelsea goals like that you’re going to be beaten.

We scored twice against them which is never easy, and we had a couple of other opportunities.

We have to move on. There’s no embarrassment in being beaten by Chelsea, it’s just the manner of it.

The players gave everything they had and if we hadn’t given the bad goals away then we may have had a chance.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

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4 thoughts on “Steve Bruce: when playing Chelsea, three giftwrapped goals won’t do”

  1. Feed was a bit dodgy for me, kept sticking so some parts may have passed me by but ultimately Chelsea looked fluid and dangerous everytime they went forward.

    But for a change, so did we, we just did it less frequency.

    I remember one instance of Sessegnon marauding down the left wing, passed Ashley Cole, but back, we passed him again, one-two’d with Bardsley and then worked his way across the 18 yard box looking for an opening.

    He was always looking to drive at the opposition and looking for holes and to cause problems. I was very impressed with the parts I saw of him.

    The defeat has sort of winded us I suppose. If we finish top 10 we should still be happy but after sitting in 6th for so long, anything under 8th would almost feel like a disappointment. But we’re an improving team and confident we can kick on from here.

    Stoke away is never a pretty game though. Can’t imagine it’ll be anything like the Chelsea match in terms of fluidity and entertainment.

  2. A masterclass by Anelka and Lampard . Henderson would do well to stop reading the papers and see how these guys play .
    That’s another match that has totally by-passed Henderson ; if he want’s to make it as a central midfielder , he has to learn to control the game , change the pace , win a few headers in midfield and get a few decent tackles in .
    To still be in the game in the 92nd minute is testament to the hard work and effort of our lads , and also the poor finishing of Chelsea when they could have been home and dry by then .
    Just looking at Bardsley in the last 10 mins he was absolutely knackered , the guy never gives up – and a goal scorer to boot !!

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