Tell us if you’re having problems seeing Salut! Sunderland

A few people have told me they have been experiencing problems accessing this site.

The techie guys at have been working flat out to find and deal with the cause.

But each time they succeed, it seems, someone else comes along with a variation of the issue.

If you have been unable to get into the site, or to navigate it once landing on the home page, or indeed found brick walls in other ways, please tell me.

Give as much detail as possible: which browser (IE 6, apparently, is a known menace) you were using and whether changing it made a difference/ what exactly happened to limit your visit to Salut! Sunderland/ and whether the problem persists.

Further gremlins to report: I have no problem getting into the site from my Macbook. But using Internet Explorer on a PC this morning – Tuesday -the home page appeared for a second before disappearing in a white flash. A regular contributor, Malcolm Dawson, had the same; switching to Chrome worked for both of us though surely this should not be necessary.

I am determined to resolve this, as are the lads at footballunited. But we may need your help to get to the bottom of it.

3 thoughts on “Tell us if you’re having problems seeing Salut! Sunderland”

  1. If the info helps, i’m using IE8 and don’t usually have any probs, although if there is a You Tube link on the home page it does slow things up , but i live with it :>)

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