Steve Bruce on the surrender to Liverpool: we deserved nothing

One or two visitors to Salut! Sunderland have spectacularly misunderstood a headline saying “don’t blame” the officials as meaning do blame them. They also think there was some suggestion here that a strong team was beaten by an ordinary one.

All we’ve said is that we looked to be fielding a strong starting 11. And they played well enough until the penalty but never threatened Liverpool’s goal. I heard one partisan (ie pro-SAFC) commentator say Pepe Reina could have settled down for a cup of tea and sandwich, so underemployed was he. Liverpool looked poor, too, but were the better side. All acknowledged in the reports so far. So what did Steve Bruce, who must bear some responsibility for the awful excuse for football we presented from penalty onwards, make of it? He’s been writing to Monsieur Salut again …

Dear Colin

It was a disappointing day.

After a great start I thought it was going to be a decent game but then there was the turning point on the half hour mark.

We had to make changes after losing a couple of players through injuries and overall it was a horror day.

It was really disappointing to lose the way we did, especially as we had a full house.

On a positive note it was good to see a few players coming back who will benefit from playing for an hour, but we made hard work of the game.

It was a hard afternoon with the injuries and we made even harder work of it.

Not only were we down to ten men towards the end but we had Ferdinand and Bardsley also playing injured.

Liverpool were difficult to break down and we huffed and puffed a bit but the goal was the turning point.

You have to say that on the day we didn’t deserve to get anything from the game.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

7 thoughts on “Steve Bruce on the surrender to Liverpool: we deserved nothing”

  1. Start of this season: Liverpool were ropey.

    Rest of the time (e.g. for the last 40 years and the 2nd half of this season) – class act.

  2. Not sure what the big deal is, Liverpool didn’t play as well as they did say against Man U – but let’s not forget Liverpool are still a class act. This season they have been ropey – but they still put 55 million pounds worth of striker on the pitch to start the match. That’s hardly a game you should be expecting to win?

    In the end, the match was settled by a moment of real class from Suarez – which is (sadly) what you pay for these days.

    Sunderland have had a great season – but you missed out on the “3 easy points off Liverpool” phase that Hodgson engendered.

  3. As much as he is restraining himself in public , probably due to the recent unnecessary critiscism of officials by Messrs Ferguson , Holloway etc , I bet Bruce is seething at the officials .
    Goals change games – and Liverpool’s first goal should never have been
    Linesman on East side – should have gone to Specsavers !!!

  4. It’s good to see Liverpool win away at Sunderland . Liverpool have been in a false position all season. And even the form table of all the games Liverpool have played under Kenny Dalglish this season states that Liverpool would now be joint top with man u . Sorry you mackems I’m not trying to wind you up but I have to agree with Brucey he didn’t play his cards right !

  5. i remember the uncalled for, rubbing it in beach ball comments by steve bruce, so i have no sympathy for him.

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