Salut!’s week: beating Wigan, annoying Villa, welcoming Fulham, advising Kate

No one suspected for a second that beating Wigan Athletic 4-2 at home amounted to a revival. It is not, by itself, even a mini-revival, though another win, at home to Fulham today, would represent one of those.

But it came as a mighty relief nonetheless, perhaps ending any relegation fears.

For a look at what has been happening at Salut! Sunderland, in case you missed any of it, here’s a snapshot of the week. Click on any sub-heading to read more …

* Winning, whisky and winding up Villa

Pete Sixsmith’s report on the day winning at football was shown to be an attainable luxury. He also tasted some fine Scotch and couldn’t resist a harmless little jibe at Aston Villa, though he came back later in the week to declare a truce. Just as well, as Villa fans can be remarkably humourless.

Probably forgotten from last Saturday’s match, or rather our coverage, but worth repeating that a SAFC press officer, Lee Marshall, predicted Sunderland 4 Wigan 2 in conversation with BBC Radio Newcastle’s Nick Barnes before the game. I wonder what he reckons will happen today.

* The Fulham Who are You?

Not for the first time, finding a Fulham supporter to answer a few questions was troublesome. Actually, we had found one, sent him the questions and awaited the responses only for him to disappear without word. Sean Collins answered an SOS broadcast at the forum Cottage Corner and turned around the questionnaire in sharp time. And inevitably predicted a Fulham win.

And then, as can happen when we fear no one is going to come forward, a second appeared from nowhere, from David Lloyd, editor of the fan site There’s Only One F in Fulham. Thanks chaps.

* Who is our player of the season?

Phil Bardsley was M Salut’s reply to his own question. Has our run been so demoralising that no one could bear to come up with their own ideas for the end-of-season awards? Just one comment last time I checked. I hope the official club site, which runs voting for the various awards, is getting a healthier response.

Kate’s wedding vows, as rewritten to reflect the Wearside link

Just a spot of fun, but not everyone was amused. I’d better say no more.

* French Fancies

Another look at football on the other side of the Channel. I liked the story about the unfortunate Marseille player, Taye Taiwo, who is being hauled before a disciplinary panel for singing a somewhat tame anti-PSG chant after his club’s league cup final win against Montpellier. Marseille fulfilled my expectations by beating our own club, Nice, 4-2 – that scoreline again, to go top of Ligue 1, where I suspect they will now stay.

Root around at the site and you’ll come across plenty more: a rant against Steve Bruce’s refusal to attend the post-match press conference, more reflections on the Wigan match.

Work was busier than usual so I never got round to slagging off Barcelona and Real Madrid for their atrocious display of cheating and intimidation in the Champions’ League semi-final. So I’ll say it here: Messi’s goals, and of course especially the sublime second one, deserved a nobler setting. If this is pure football, I’d sooner watch Stoke City.

Ha’way the Lads against Fulham. Whoever plays up front.

Monsieur Salut

5 thoughts on “Salut!’s week: beating Wigan, annoying Villa, welcoming Fulham, advising Kate”

  1. Salut,

    Good to read a sensible response from a level headed writer, usually when I mention something on these lines I get a lot of flack. It is a horrible thing, I’m sure theres some in the Villa quarters that do similar things, was relatively widespread on a topic on the SMB forum topic regarding Houllier.

    Yeah fully understand the lies to the fans, I know Bent was not happy that his mother received some racial abuse at a game, but sure that’s not the only reason, as that could potentially happen at any club. SAFC fans can dislike Bent as much as they like, dislike Villa as much as they like as well, but was business at the end of the day, Villa heard there might be a chance of signing him, so offered the money and the deal was done. Clubs seem to buy our best players every season, however high we finish, yet I don’t hate the clubs for that reason.

  2. Anthony
    Man City fans hailing Munich, Spanish (and Millwall, and doubtless other) fans abusing black players, an occasional SAFC-supporting twerp mocking Houllier’s illness are all part of what is wrong with football and you’ll find no support for any of it from Salut! Sunderland as long as I run it.

    Most of the Bent stuff has been good-humoured enough. Yes, footballers move, and yes we got good money for someone who clearly wanted to go and had started showing signs of not being interested in earning his salary. But I repeat that our supporters are as entitled to be angry about his lies – on how happy, settled and satisfied he was at Sunderland, all the while formulating his first transfer request – as you will be if and when the same happens to Villa,

  3. Don’t get this constant whining and moaning from Sunderland fans about Aston Villa, yeah they gave you good money for a striker who obviously wanted to leave. Thats football, get over it. Maybe you should look at your own manager and chairman for once. Can’t believe a lot of the cruel and horrible comments on the sunderland forum (SMB) following Houlliers illness, people saying they were glad he was ill. Doesn’t show the fans in great light.

  4. Didn’t see your jibe at Villa mate but I’m sure some of us would have taken it in the right spirit. Were not all humourless Brummies you know!

  5. Going back to January’s post where you banged on about Darren Bent leaving world Champions…sorry Champions league contenders Sunderland for Aston Villa & why the hell would he do that ete etc Blar blar…Fancy following up that piece of blind, rose tinted specs garbage with a piece listing 1001 reasons why he did?
    Just a thought…….

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