Steve Bruce: ‘got to keep going.’ Going, going gone?

Another game another defeat, SAFC in deep crisis. Crowd turns on team and manager, Faithful supporters ask: “Is it time for a change?” This somewhat tired and inadequate missive is Steve Bruce’s immediate response …

Dear Colin,

The result had a familiar ring to it.

We had to chop and change again but I’ve said that too many times.

We had a disappointing 20 minutes after taking the lead twice. When you take a 2-1 lead at home you should be good enough to stay on and take the three points.

Defensively, we’re all over the place. That’s the big situation. We were rock solid there up until the turn of the year and now we have to score three or more goals to win a football match.

We have to go back to the training ground, keep working at it and get our defensive shape back.

It’s a big disappointment and we’re up against it at the moment. The only thing we can do is batten down the hatches, keep going and come out fighting.

We’ve got to keep on going.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “Steve Bruce: ‘got to keep going.’ Going, going gone?”

  1. The squad isn’t good Phil. We allowed ourselves to be convinced that it was when Bents goals were hiding the frailty of a midfield that has absolutely no creativity at all. Richardson is the best of a very bad bunch. Bruce has wasted a lot of money and yet we only own half a team. We should be grateful that we don’t have to offload them. For some reason the reputation of certain players still precedes them even if they haven’t produced the goods for months on end. SB has admitted that he should have rested Henderson earlier (in April; when most of us were saying this in December).

    There’s not a midfield player who has the tricks to go past a man into the box or create anything for the forwards. Two strikers couldn’t trouble Carson once in 90 mins.

    Bent was a traitor but was talking about the service that he would get at Villa. He has a point even though it chokes me to say it.

  2. I know the sale of Bent ripped the heart out of the season but can this manager take Sunderland any further? The owner has spent plenty of money, this is the best squad the club have had in years so where is it going wrong? (And remember it went wrong last year as well).

    I can think of at least two other managers who could do a good job for Sunderland. Allardyce and Pulis. I know Allardyce is ex Newcastle and they both play the long ball game but they don’t get their teams relegated and they build top ten sides. They could only dream of the money Steve Bruce has had made available to him.

  3. I read somewhere on another thread that Bruce “is a dead man walking.” From these lame email that he sends us he sounds “like a dead man talking.”

    He doesn’t need to speak any mor; just head on out the door.

  4. I am not here to gloat. I made it clear last week that even though I’m a Geordie through and through and I can’t stand Sunderland I do respect y’all as enemies and cant live without two derbies a season like I had to when we got relegated. I lined out the two main problems for y’all and it wasn’t tactics or quality of players. Tacticly y’all weren’t out managed and west brom doesn’t come close to Sunderland in quality players. West brom simply wanted the three points more then your side did. Now last week I said Bruce wasn’t motivating or inspiring your players. Well this week he did cuz y’all came out firing on all cylinders playing hard and even when brom equalized they looked like they were dug in to fight finding that beautiful second goal. Nope I can’t even blame Bruce for this one. Sunderland now only have one major problem. Your players are heartless and when things get tough just like Newcastle two years ago they give up the ghost. Better hope ya’lls tin men find a heart soon or y’all are in trouble and my Derbys are gone………

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