Bolton Sunderland: LLLLDLLLLWL …?

Right, this is your chance to come to the aid of the partly absent.

You will by now know the score from the Reebok. I will too, thanks to texts from Pete Sixsmith. But I may be nowhere near a screen and therefore have no immediate opportunity to post details.

There will be, soon or in due course, Pete’s seven-word “Sixer’s Seven”, Steve Bruce’s e-mail, Pete again in his fan’s assessment for The Observer and then, of course, his inimitable Soapbox.

For now, though, Salut! Sunderland is entirely open to its readers – subject, I am afraid to anti-spam delays if you haven’t posted before.

However you followed events at Bolton – at the ground, on radio, via dodgy internet streams, word of mouth like me – tell us what you know, what you think. Did we somehow snatch an improbable win? Or fight a heroic draw? Or were we robbed, brushed aside, trounced?

Lying in bed awake last night, I wondered about Bruce’s depleted squad. Did he have to play himself and persuade Niall to turn out too? Were Nyron, McCartney and Healy dragged back from loans? Maybe Pete Sixsmith and Sobs were invited to get out of the stands and into the dressing room at 2.45pm. Even then, did we have 11 to start? How does the bottom of the Premier look tonight?

Questions, questions.You provide the answers … please!

Monsieur Salut

3 thoughts on “Bolton Sunderland: LLLLDLLLLWL …?”

  1. Davey has it spot on, Zenden was immense, Sess started to show what he is capable of. SB in his post match e-mail stated that perhaps he should have used Zenden more often from the start, on his showing today he has a point. Steed was very good today in a role that does not suit his natural play but he stuck at it, This is the kind of mentality we need. Footballing wise it was not the greatest game to watch, but the points were needed, win ugly if you have to.

    Well done Lads, lets have more for the remaining two games and maybe we will have a top ten finnish.

  2. Bloody brilliant – Sess was superb and well done Muntari from the bench . Overall Zenden was man of the match for me though

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