Hated from Arsenal to WBA, Salut makes the football Oscars

Salut! Sunderland has been nominated in the “Best EPL Club Blog” section of EPL Talk’s annual awards. If you think someone has a point, give a helping hand to our chances of winning by clicking ON THIS LINK

There are sensitive folk out there in the football blogosphere. We need only mention another team to get an avalanche – ok, a trickle – of putdowns.

But it is all, or mostly, in good fun and the fact is that Salut! Sunderland‘s deliberate policy is to attract supporters of other clubs while remaining 100 per cent partisan. As a result, we receive massive input from people who do not follow Sunderland but have a point of view. And in reality, Gooners and Baggies have made some lively contributions to the issues discussed here,

So it is especially heartening to receive recognition from non-Sunderland sources. Look down the sidebars and you see that FHM lists us as a “website we quite like” and that When Saturday Comes gave us special mention in its virtual awards as a “balanced, articulate” site.

Now comes news from EPL Talk that we have been nominated as Best EPL Club Blog in its own annual awards.

This is what Christopher Harris, from EPL Talk, had to say:

I’m writing to congratulate you on being nominated for a 2010-11 EPL Award in the following category: Best EPL Club Blog.

The third annual EPL Awards recognises the best of the 2010-11 Premier League season. EPL Talk has taken a close look at the Premier League season and we’ve picked out the best footballers, managers, podcasts, blogs, radio shows, online games and more for readers to vote for.

Voting is open and closes on Sunday, May 22nd (the final day of the Premier League season). To help you get the word out to your community to vote for you, I’ve attached a banner ad that encourages people to vote. Feel free to point them to the complete list of all of the categories for the EPL Awards, including the one that you’re nominated in, at http://www.epltalk.com/2011-epl-awards

Salut! Sunderland realises it may well go no further, but it feels like recognition, an honour in itself, and we are immensely grateful to the supporters of those other clubs who come here in numbers, participate wittily or incisively in the debates we launch … and, of course, provide compelling answers in the “Who are You?” questionnaire that appears, more or less without fail, before every game.

Thanks for your support or interest. Vote for Salut! Sunderland if you think we’ve earned it.

Monsieur Salut

5 thoughts on “Hated from Arsenal to WBA, Salut makes the football Oscars”

  1. Got to say that this is the best Sunderland site on the net. I despair with a couple of others I look at, but gave up contributing to some time ago out of embarrassment. I am no prude but the frequent use of bad language on one of them is a disgrace, and the spelling and grammar of many of the contributors on both is a joke. Most of th punters just persist in whinging about the manager. I would have been interested to see how well other similarly placed clubs( eg NUFC, Villa, Stoke etc) would a have coped with our injury list. Not too well I suspect. I know injuries are part and parcel of footbal but to lose three strikers a having just sold your fourth is damn bad luck.

  2. Clicking on that image takes you to a larger version of the same image; not a voting page.

  3. Having shamelessly talked up supporters of other clubs, I should now admit that while their comments – in praise, or contemptuous, of Salut! Sunderland – are welcome, within usual bounds, I’m off to bed and will be unable to moderate responses left by first-time posters until the morning …

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