West Ham 0 SAFC 3: above Newcastle, pity Blackpool and Birmingham

Mrs Logic

Let us hear it for Steve Bruce’s makeshift finishing squad and a storming last game. It meant we not only finished above Newcastle United but somehow met the owner Ellis Short’s target of reaching the top 10. There has been criticism here as well as elsewhere, but we are thrilled to salute a heartening finale …

We called for urgency and resolve in the final game of a season that has at times flattered to deceive, and that is what we got. This was a thoroughly efficient performance and it brought the sort of routine away win we should be able to expect in so many of our games.

And on a matter of immense pride to all supporters of Sunderland AFC, we end the 2010-2011 season UNBEATEN IN LONDON.

But there is something else to be said before any more is offered here in what will be a brief preliminary to all else that follows, from Sixer’s Sevens to Steve Bruce’s e-mail to Sixer’s Soapbox.

On a day when the names of the other clubs accompanying Hammers down to the Championship changed every few minutes, commiserations went in the end to the supporters of Blackpool and Birmingham City.

We have been there so often that we know precisely how those fans are feeling just now. We were not so far from dropping into the mire ourselves yet climb above Newcastle, who threw away a three-goal lead to be held at home by WBA, to finish 10th – and the North East’s top dogs.

Bolo Zenden’s interview on BBC Radio Newcastle, broadcast just before today’s match, at least left it a possibility that he’d be staying on the North East. Heading to Toon? Who knows, but he got the scoring started today and should be remembered for his many positive contributions to the SAFC cause. Bravo, too Stephane Sessegnon and Cristian Riveros for sealing the victory on the last visit we will ever pay to Upton Park.

Simon Mignolet played his part handsomely, with a string of excellent saves when the Hammers looked, as they did now and then, like scoring. But it was, in the end, a solid, impressive all-round display.

Ha’way the Lads, and well done on just the end to the season we needed.

1 Man Utd 38 41 80
2 Chelsea 38 36 71
3 Man City 38 27 71
4 Arsenal 38 29 68
5 Tottenham 38 9 62
6 Liverpool 38 15 58
7 Everton 38 6 54
8 Fulham 38 6 49
9 Aston Villa 38 -11 48
10 Sunderland 38 -11 47

Monsieur Salut

6 thoughts on “West Ham 0 SAFC 3: above Newcastle, pity Blackpool and Birmingham”

  1. That’s right – it’s not the team you’d hoped it was. They’re all in hospital. Was it the team you hoped for before they all got injured -because that’s what you were alluding to in your posts. “Myself and Martin have clashed before, but now I’ve seen the light”! ok Bill – but this time stick to your guns. You’re anti-Steve Bruce and that’s how it stays. No U turns this time.

  2. I wish I could stick to my convictions, Martin. But someone keeps moving the goalposts. This is not the team, or manager, I thought/hoped it was. The signs for next season are exactly the same as for this season. Top 10 finish, if we’re lucky, within a couple of points of the Magpies. I’ll have more to say about this later in the week. I imagine you’ll be to peel off the ceiling, but those convictions I’ll be sticking to.

  3. It’s not a mystery guys. We’re playing squad players to try to win matches in the absence of 12 first team regulars. Quite where the mystery comes into it I’m not sure. When you turn out a team full of reserve team players, consistency is surely the last thing you would expect? Really – let us know what is surprising about how our injury ravaged team operates. And Bill – it comes as no surprise to me that you changed your summation. Isn’t it about time you stuck to your convictions? You change your mind more times than Birflatt’s wives. I agree with you about Blackpool though. They played some great stuff this season and it would have been great to see them stay up.

    Congratulations to the team who got a great result today, and in recent weeks have acheived three commendable victories in the face a huge adversity. And well done to Steve Bruce and Eric Black who orchestrated a decent end to the season with such a severely depleted squad. It speaks volumes, and the signs are good for next season.

  4. It’s a mystery all right – but a welcome upbeat surprise to end the season on. Means I had to do a last-minute amendment to my summation of Sunderland situation that I believe Colin’s going to run here later in the week.
    I’m a bit gutted that Blackpool goes down again. They’ve been one of the most entertaining sides in the Premiership and didn’t give it up easily today. ManU knew they’d been in a game. Sad that Blackpool’s tireless fighting this season just wasn’t quite enough.

  5. It’s a mystery to me how this team operates. A good result in the end. A 3-0 win is welcome at any time even if it’s a meaningless game. Tenth place finish in spite of everything that’s happened since January.

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