Winners from other sides, and those dreaded end-of-term reports

When Saturday Comes: ‘Who are You?’ award sponsors

Don’t know about you, but I do not recall with pleasure those occasions when school report cards were due to be issued and taken home. We’ll have to wait and see how the Salut! Sunderland panel dispenses the Well Dones, Not Good Enoughs and Could do Betters. But there’s a prize day coming, too …

Salut! Sunderland will, of course, keep going throughout the close season. The output will not match what you have come to expect when the team is playing, but we will continue to look for ways of informing or entertaining the large army of readers who come here because they support SAFC or because, no matter who they follow, they appreciate at least some of what we try to do.

And there is unfinished business that has become traditional.

Several regular contributors to Salut! Sunderland have expressed an interest in writing, or succumbed to pressure to produce, end-of-season reports. These will be published over the next fortnight or so, culminating in the thoughts of Pete Sixsmith, whose descriptive and analytical accounts of all but a handful of our games have once again been exemplary.

It goes without saying that if any reader feels he or she has something interesting to say on the ups and downs of the season, they need only contact me at the e-mail address you see – complete with clickable link – to the right, between the Easy-to-Book and Etineris hotel ads.

And then there are our annual “Who are You?” awards. There has to be something to be said for a series that attracts contributors ranging from the editor of The Daily Telegraph and prominent radio broadcasters to such footballing figures as Jimmy Armfield, Mick Quinn and Alex Rae.

The famously half-decent football magazine When Saturday Comes has kindly agreed to put up a year’s subscription and merchandise by way of prizes. Judging is well advanced and the winners will be announced as soon as possible.

Beyond that, let Salut!! Sunderland extend hearty thanks to all readers. There have been some riveting debates, magnificent guest articles and daily “hit rates” sufficiently high (rarely below 500, typically 1,000-2,000 and once or twice climbing into five figures) to make it all seem worthwhile.

During the close season, there will be the launch of a modest attempt to market Salut! Sunderland T-shirts, mugs and pens. We will once again be looking for advertisers and/or sponsors and generally dreaming up any other way we can think of to make the site viable. But it won’t all be cap-in-hand appeals for help; there should be plenty of good reading, too.

Have a great summer but continue to watch this space.

Colin Randall

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