Wolves, the North East and a love-in that stops at Newcastle

Not everyone goes to the message boards and sites of other clubs. I have to quite often, in search of Who are You? candidates, and I have to say Molineux Mix has been a happy hunting ground. You’ve seen Andy Nicholls’s award-winning contributions. Today you saw the reason some Wolfies thought he was getting our awards: he’s married to a Mackem, which must make La Nicholls – Jo – the ultimate trophy wife. Here, for those who share my view and Jeremy’s (see comments in Jo’s piece) that WWFC is a grand old club with cracking supporters, is part of a thread from that Wolves site (but why should they so dislike our friends from the Tyne>) …

Sunderland fans

Visited Sunderland when I was in the Navy. Had a great time, genuine people.

– tiggerkev

Had to go to sunderland this morning to pick up some steel rails. Anyway some lads at the stell depo noticed my wolves sticker on the cab window,and they all said that they hoped we beat them on saturday and stay up,they also said how much they liked mick and hated bruce,they feel mick was very hard done to at sunderland seems like they still have a very soft spot for mick.

– mister-T

I can’t work out from their main forum whether they’re ever-pessimistic or just resigned to their fate, started a quick thread on there asking about away pubs and it’s turned into an 11 page monster lol. Much prefer them to Newcastle fans anyway

– Bossworld

Sunderland are a proper football team, proper support and passion and tradition unlike Wigan. Sunderland are a bit like Wolves but without so many trophies littered through history. Also got a wonky nosed manager too.

– Lupo

I’ve always got on with them. One of the few!


– Burton Wolf

Good football club living in the shadow of newcastle united who are made to be bigger by the press and certain tv pundits. Sunderland have just as much potential as newcastle do.

– mrwolf

I live round the corner from a sunderland fan, lovely bloke and he still goes there most weeks when at home, he doies all the midland clubs this end, and yes most of them love mick.

– wolvesandbooze

sunderland fans are the soundest fans ever. they was in the litten tree last season and no away fans normally allowed in and we had some banter and singing with them, was quality.

– Big George

We both share a manager who is crap at buying centre backs even though they were decent centre backs themselves. Didn’t Bruce buy Titus Bramble not once, but twice?

– Boss Hogg

My Moms family all came from Durham/Sunderland and were all massive Fans, spent many a happy holiday up there in my younger days, my Mom is still Sunderland mad but wants us to win on Saturday!

– Netherton Wolf

I will never forget the game up there when both sets of fans applauded each other at the end of the game.

Football that day was played in the true spirit of the game as it should be. They are a great club with great fans.

Still desperately hope we beat them mind.

– PumpKing

Blimey, what a love-in!!!!!!!!! All we’ve got to do is turn up and the points are ours!

– Big Saft Kid

Had a good drinking session with some of thier fans on a ferry to Norway a few years ago. Great lads and who thought it was funny that Newcastle fans called their ground the Stadium of $$$$e

– devonwolf

Seem like a decent bunch with the exception of that Riviera bloke.

– wolves4life (M Salut?)

My abiding memory of Sunderland is being driven from Roker Park on the coach and driving through a council estate and we saw this old woman on her front step looking as though she was about to wave us away, instead she cocked us the V – laugh? I nearly peed myself

Apocalypse Now

You’ve got to admire their support, especially on the road.

They travel in numbers and always have done considering they are right up in the north east.

We need more clubs like Wolves, Sunderland, West Ham in the Premiership and away with the Wigans.

– Veins Of Old Gold

Weird, I’ve been in Sunderland today as well, was talking to a company near the stadium their reserve team plays at, really sound people, reckon Sunderland are already on holiday and we should win! I hope they’re right.

– tipton81

They took over 4500 to Bolton last weekend – nothing much to play for (!!! – ed), team decimated by injuries and in terrible form – I thought that was amazing.

Always enjoy my visits there, the fans have been really friendly and treated my son really well. I’ll take them over Newcastle any day.

– Wonder Boyo

I like sunderland fans,the nicest away team I’ve seen unlike their neighbours..

After a few Newcy browns the Geordies change. Quite a troublesome bunch.

– Veins Of Old Gold

Well my mom was from sunderland and she $$$$ed off when i was 3! So they aint all that.

– mrwolf

Shaping up to be a great away day, mutual respect similar to sheff wed away in promotion season. Will be weird travelling north for a game this season as well!!

Didn’t they applaud Jody louder than we did in the Dave Jones season (????) just after he’d lost his child

– Dewsburywolf

Jody and Shelley lost Jake in August 2002 while he was still playing for Sunderland, he joined us in the Summer of 2003 when we were promoted and Sunderland were relegated, but he did get a fabulous reception from them when we next played them in 2004/5, I believe he was their player of the season the year he left.

– Netherton Wolf


Great bunch the Mackem lads. Met a fair few in the past, had a good few beverages with a group in ‘old school footballer’s’ fancy dress last season, good spirited and a good laugh. Every S’land fan I’ve spoke to has always rated Wolves! I quite like them to be fair, good fans and good traditional club!

– OoohRobbieRobbie

Yes – and that’s what their fans say about us also. The ones I know want us to stay up at W Ham’s and Wigan’s expense [they like Blackpool [similar to us] because of their tradition].

– Vietnam Wolf

Ok. So it’s all agreed – we win, every one cheers our goals, both sets of fans all chant super mick and then we go for a nice jolly drink together and come home with 3 points.

Can we have this in writing and signed by Steve Bruce?

– Danwolf

Lee Howey.

Dr Wolfenstein

Yep, that has been my only beef with Sunderland over the years.
We were flying that season (1994?) Geoff Thomas was on fire, 8 goals in 10 games from midfield and he was ‘done’ in the last minute of our game there when we were 2-0 up. It was pointless and nasty, the game had gone from Sunderland’s point of view and, had we had Thomas for the whole season, I reckon we’d have finished in the promotion spots.

He was never quite the same player after that. I guess I ought to move on, it was a long time ago.

As is the consensus on here I am quite happy to join the Mackems love-in, always had time for some of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans around. As is the case with us, they just don’t seem to get the press adulation that some other teams do…

– OCD Wolf

Yes and John De Wolf crocked by Howey the following season….

– Surrey Wolf

I played in the same youth team as Lee Howey for Ipswich. Cracking lad. He gave up at Ipswich to go back to Sunderland to be a BT engineer as he missed the North east. Then got back into the game through non league. Like I said a great bloke who was looked upon as a gentle giant – no malice in him what so ever. (But he didn’t half clock Thomas)

– Uncle Festa

I like the way the Mackems type in a Geordie accent!

– Wolvesthrunthru

Oh my God. I’m not sure that you’re legally allowed to say that. It’s not a Geordie accent is it? They’re from Wearside not Tyneside.

If you’re going on Saturday you need to keep a low profile with racial stereotyping like that.

– Ginger Chimp

Newcastle fans – saw a few fists flying this season after the match by Mr Sizzle.

Sunderland fans – few years ago after the match, they were walking down the road asking if we wanted to swap scarves.

Theres the difference

I am sure there are nutty Sunderland fans, and I certainly know some decent Newcastle fans, seeing as they accomodated me this season very well, however, on the whole I think Sunderland fans are far better when it comes to appreciating other fans, and other teams, than Newcastle fans are.

If they beat us on Saturday though they can all $$$$ off and do one

– Denmead Wolf

Have massive respect for them after last season when some of their fans stayed behind to applaud Mick’s speech and witness Jody collecting player of the season. Top club, top fans.

on the way back to Wolvo we were opposite a couple of coachloads of mackem fans whose team had also played in London that day and lost heavily (4-0 I think but could be wrong). Anyway several of them decided to moon us so a lot of bare bums, what they didn’t know was that our coach was mostly full of policemen and their families! Quite amusing but having just beaten Forest we didn’t care too much.

– KennyB

It’s a small world. Some 30 years ago my wife and I had met a couple who were holidaying in Malta and who had two kids a boy and a girl, which were of same age as us and also we had two kids a boy and a girl and therefore we became very good friends. They were Sunderland fans and each time we played each other we would phone to discuss the result.
They frequently kept coming to Malta, sometimes holidaying in my second home. Children grew up and their son was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in the summer of 2009. My wife and I went to Newcastle for the occasion.
Can assure you we really enjoyed the occasion and the several parties that went with it. Assure you that everybody we met in Newcastle were informed by our friends that we were Wolves fans and our team had just been promoted to the premiership.

They all thought we would not make it in that division, but we succeeded and hope we shall beat the drop this time aswell. They are great fans up there.

My friends have phoned this week and they hoped we shall be able to beat them next Saturday to ensure our survival, inspite that we shall be playing their favourite team Sunderland.

– Tarcisio Mifsud

Monsieur Salut

10 thoughts on “Wolves, the North East and a love-in that stops at Newcastle”

  1. I don’t think it is so much arrogance but more an unreasoned sense of optimism, we want our club to do well and we want to be the best, I can’t see anything wrong with that.

    You always get over deluded fans who believe there team should be way above their current standard, I for one was expecting us to just survive in the premiership and grow from there, but now we have over achieved I feel very optimistic that with a good summer we could be aiming to push the clubs going for europe even harder.

    I respect Sunderland as a rival should, we love to beat you and we enjoy it when we see you relegated, it is a mutual feeling which makes every game epic! (maybe next season you can get more than a point of us :p)

  2. What a pleasant read, and here’s me thinking we didn’t get on with them (always seemed to be bother when they came to Roker, but not when the baggies did)! not sure what planet bossworld is on, but good luck to wolves anyway, i think you will stay up.

  3. Come on M. Salut. It was all of those things, plus the misspellings on banners and the chavs outside SJP when Keegan was thrown out.

    Great post though Aaran. I too would like Blackpool to stay up, but their form over the second half of the season has been so bad that they can have few complaints. They went about their business in a positive way and got some great results (including the one against us!). Blackpool have two games left to save themselves and both are difficult games which they wouldn’t really expect to win. If it was a choice (and it isn’t) between the Tangerines and Wolves it would be Mick’s lads that get my vote. Wigan are amazing in terms of what they’ve achieved and may come back if relegated. I do have a sense that there may be a surprise in there somewhere yet!

  4. I am a Newcastle fan and I hope you lot stay up but I would be very sad to see Blackpool go down as well, hopefully Birmingham don’t pick up any more points and they go down instead.

    And about Sunderland… I think they have really underachieved this season and I hope next season both us and Sunderland will be challenging for europe and bring some glory to the north east. But I would laugh if they went down. :p

    Good luck Wolves.

    • Aaran: how could we ever blame you for laughing at our woes when we joined what seemed like the whole world outside Tyneside in laughing at your relegation. I’m really intrigued as to exactly how Newcastle came to attract such widespread derision. Was it the hopelessly inflated expectation, the Keegan spats with Fergie, a general feeling that Toon Army = Arrogance? It seems to crop up whenever an opposing supporter mentions NUFC. What is your honest explanation, Aaaran?

  5. They’re quite right about the Wigan thing… they support an old club in a traditional football area.
    I want us to go over the mags so will be hoping for a win, but even if we draw and west ham, wigan and blackburn go down i ll be happy.
    If we lose and they still go down, i ll hate them for life!
    And yes, everyone should have a spft spot for Mick. With a s***e budget he got a few players who are still plying their trade in the league (Whitehead, Collins etc). Overall a nice bloke.

  6. Both you and Michael are tough cookies M. Salut.

    Mind you, I have said this before, when sympathetic to the cause of another and then when the whistle goes I’m wanting every tackle and header won!

  7. My best mate bumped into Mick M at East Midlands Airport a couple of years ago when he was going on holiday. He had a good crack with him over bacon sandwiches and said that Mick was just like you would expect; a really canny bloke. He told my mate that he felt that he was badly let down by our then Chairman, Bob Murray, to which the response was “You were not the first!”

    I think that Mick’s performance in the transfer market at Wolves has shown that when he has the money to spend on decent quality players (e.g Doyle, Hunt, Fletcher etc) he will spend it wisely and supplement his team with lads from the lower divisions who can make a mark. To me that’s the sign of a good manager. We have one that turns World Cup Stars into complete donkeys.

    Mich had little to spend and was at the time criticised for wasting money when he had it. This was unfair to my mind because the amount he had to spend (the so called big money) was still only enough to get the likes of Jon Stead or Andy Gray. These guys would probably have been Mick’s tenth and eleventh choices if he’d had even a reasonable amount of money available.

    Had some great crack with some Wolves lads at an England game many years ago. Just great fans with a proper sense of humour as well as a perspective.

  8. I would certainly agree the Mick Mac was sold well short by SAFC in termes of funds. And as much as I admire the tradition of Wolverhampton Wanderers I hope we give them agood stuffing on Saturday. Our results are about SAFC and not about doing favours to other clubs. MInd you if SB was to leave, whci I hope he doesn’t, and Mick Mac was available I wouldn’t mind him back as manager. A man of great honesty and integrity in my opinion.

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