Could this be our week for some really big transfer news?

This will be a short posting to interrupt Salut! Sunderland‘s cruise through the ocean of entertaining material to be found in the 17 editions that the lads at It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand managed to publish before going the way of the Daily Sketch, Daily Herald, Reynolds News, Sunday Correspondent and Today, not to mention the Darlington Evening Despatch.

I have no intention of breaking my own rule of staying aloof, except in special circumstances (eg Jordan Henderson), of transfer speculation affecting SAFC. I am as curious as any supporter about the latest names in the frame, or reported developments in this or that bid. But I also take every single story, wherever it appears in print, on radio and TV or online, with a big enough pinch of salt to have government health busybodies carting me off for treatment.

The signings so far, Keiren Westwood and Seb Larsson, seem good ones. But I do have one small request: is it possible that the next credible (namely official) announcement, or the one after that, can bring news of a player being bought who is not “one for the future”, not from the Championship or below and not from a relegated side? A really big name or two would do wonders for the morale.

And if anyone feels like sharing their thoughts on this, don’t worry about my ban on reporting rumours unless there is a very strong reason for doing so. It does not apply to readers, who are entitled and even welcome to post comments on the identities of players they’d either love to see Steve Bruce add to the squad or refuse to touch with a bargepole the length of Peter Crouch.

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11 thoughts on “Could this be our week for some really big transfer news?”

  1. I’m more concerned about our back four more than anything else. Turner is still injured and may miss the start of the season, anton blows hot and cold, bramble is a bit slow and still injured, we have one decent full back in bardo and no others. So 2 centre backs and a right and left back. No pressure then. Oh and a top class striker or 2.

  2. Reality check. With regard to the so called big names the sad reality is we are always going to be well down their preferred list of clubs. If the top 5 want them they will get them. After that its us gainst Everton, Villa, Fulham, Bolton etc.My main worry is that we are having to bring in too many players for the coming season whic could make it difficult for SB to quickly develop them into a team. I had hoped that by now we would have been in aposition where we needed no more than say three players to improve the quality of the squad. IMO seven or eight is stretching it a bit

  3. I agree with the full article, good signings can become great signings, but after the highs and lows of last season a signing of some notoriety would go a long way to easing the troops. We need some pride, even hope to cling on to so that we can feel equipped to face our rivals with a strong beating heart and a song to sing out loud….. Come on..

  4. None of the names touted so far are giving me goosebumps. Shane Long for 7 million – you’re having a giraffe mate. The bigger names have certainly gone off the boil, but I agree with Ian that N’gog has potential. Bendtner would be a great signing though.

  5. daniel stuuridge from chelsea would be a good bet ,he would be better than bent as he can can score from more than 6 yards ,ngozog from wigan ngog from liverpool gardner from birmingham and a right back onhuha again and oshia and gibson from man u they can keep brown

  6. I’d love to hear the name Pavlyuchenko, but I thjink he’s happy in London scrapping for his place. Arry says he has to sell players though, so we’ll see.
    Not too bothered about missing out on Crouch and Defoe.
    I’d like to see Ngog agree terms as I think he has potential.
    Good to see Ji on wearside. I think he’ll also be useful. Looks pacey and not a bad headerer of the ball too.

    But, we do need that proven striker. I saw Bednter was fleeing arsenal and I was thinking about him. I honestly don’t know whether he’d work at the SOL or not?
    Carlton Cole is being touted by West Ham, but again, was not prolific last season.
    What I would love to see is Wellbeck on loan again.

    We’ve got to get that proven striker… but who?
    Its a tough one.

  7. Sorry Jeff but I hear the Mags have beaten us to Charlie Onions…they want to partner him in attack with their 2 other key signings who are Novak and Goode

  8. It’s official!!

    Steve Bruce is negotiating even as you read this for Charlie Onions,

    He thinks he’ll fit in really well with the rest of the tripe.

  9. would like to see Ryan shawcross in the red and white stripes of SUNDERLAND. And not in the red and white of Stoke city
    [SUNDERLAND reserves. ]

  10. We need at least one big name or chakra nzobbia give the fans what we want and pay the wages what wil get him

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