Niall Quinn – and Moose – on Gyan-for-sale stories: ‘absolute rubbish’

Well done Niall Quinn.

Just as comments here recommended, he has seen the Gyan-for-sale reports as one rumour too far, issuing this statement:

“I’m sorry that our fans have to read the endless speculation that appears in the press at this time of year. Normally we don’t comment on any of it as there’s so much – for instance we’ve been linked to over 40 players in the last month or so alone.

However, the suggestion that we have spoken to an agent to sell this player on our behalf is embarrassing to all concerned. I hope our fans would be smart enough to realise that this is probably some other club or outside agents’ way of attempting to destabilise our relationship with one of our players.”

Maybe as his next step, he should order a halt to the practice of of having it both ways by pubishing the rumour mill he so despises – oops – throughout the close season. I’m told they also tweet away at each rumour involving our club, which seems unbelievably at odds with the official outlook.

And Niall’s declaration closely followed one made to me by at Twitter by Ian Abrahams – Moose at TalkSport – who responded to my question to him on the veracity or otherwise of the report. “Absolute rubbish” was his reply and Niall gets as close as he can to echoing the thought.

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