Asamoah Gyan, agents of despair and the case for the guillotine …

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Want to know
what is wrong with football?

Read these comments from Fabien Pivateau , the agent of Asamoah Gyan, who a year ago signed a three-year contract, on what we can imagine to be fabulous wages, with Sunderland AFC.

“I can’t say if he is staying or not. As far as I know one club has tabled an offer. He is returning to the club for pre-season and we will sit down with the coach to talk about it.”

I know a few choice responses in French that M Pivateau would instantly recognise.

They all amount to re-arranging “bog” and “off”, with varying standards of decency, into a well-known phrase or saying. Of maybe we could persuade the French to resume executions by guillotine, reserved for the most heinous of criminals and footballers’ agents (France hasn’t beheaded anyone since Hamida Djandoubi in 1977 and he was a killer, not an agent).

Does he see it as his job to unsettle a player who is allegedly committed to SAFC? Does he care? Should we ever deal with his like again? Have we any choice?

The comments were reportedly made to The Sun, raising modest hopes that he has been misquoted. But they were picked up by Sky which, though another part of the Murdoch empire, is marginally more credible and repeated them without caution. So since we don’t really believe in capital punishment around here, it’s probably back to that dictionary of French swear words and translations of Bog Off, M Pivateau.

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  1. According to an un-named reporter in the Mail Gyan is being linked with Spurs, Udinese, Real Madrid, Zenit St. Petersburg, Fiorentina et al.

    Gyan says he’s happy a Sunderland and his agent says he is going to speak to Bruce in the near future.

    So the purpose of the exercise is to use the press (even gullible un-named reporters) to demonstrate Gyan is eminently marketable and an asset to Sunderland. Perhaps there are abandoned children to be brought into the forhccoming talks or the inclement weather of the North East. Heard it before???

    Big pay rise in the offing!!!!

    p.s. Salut! in no way falls into my definition of a repeater website with no editorial control!!!!!

  2. Just read one morning headline and at least Man City is adopting the ATH policy of enforcing contracts.

    City Say to Tevez £50million or you rot.

    LOL succinct I suppose

  3. Sorry Bill the naughty bench is only used when players refuse to perform, thus far, what Gyan has said has all been pro Sunderland, sufficiently so to make one think that this may only be his agent talking.

    It is odd however that Gyan has not told his agent to put a sock in it . There is however no case of us cutting our nose off to spite our face.

    Failing to enforce the terms of a contract and continuing to let the bunch of Prima Donnas, that we already overpay as footballers dictate when and who they will play for, really would be continuing to cut our nose of to spite our face. Clubs have allowed players too much power already and are currently paying the price but it is football that is the loser.

    What I find so odd is the suggestion that it might be worth selling him for the £13 million that we acquired him for if he is so good clubs are queuing up to buy him.

    Perhaps they mean £30 million.

  4. Putting him on the bench would simply be cutting off our nose to spite our face. Besides, that’s where Ji Dong-won will be sitting until SB decides he’s ready for the Premiership or sells him in the January transfer window, whichever comes first.


    Just say no. If Gyan objects he can sit on the stiffs bench.

    In reality I consider that he and the club have a real opportunity to make an impact this season with the quality of the new purchases in the bag and pending so his agent is simply puffing in the wind

    For Gyan to have a good season with us fit from the go will really get a queue of punters after him next year.

  6. I agree when it is unsourced and of uncertain origin, Rob. Sometimes, though, something more credible (Hendo) or sinister (Gyan) is afoot and we have every right to be concerned enough to comment.

  7. Frankly, if we get concerned about every single rumour lads, we need our bumps reading.

    Move on.

  8. I don’t believe these agents make noises in the press about their clients’ futures without the express permission of those clients, so I believe Gyan himself is wangling for a move.
    It’s not a disaster though; Sunderland now has the financial power to hold out for fees that suit us and we’ll only sell if we receive a most suitable offer.
    We now have the players who will be coveted by the ‘bigger’ clubs and we have to expect future offers from the top six, and we will be unable to refuse some of them (either because a player wants to progress or because the money is just crazy), but this is only a sign of our improvement.

  9. Sorry to be a pedant, bill barkess, but Gyan’s agent will be wanting to see euros and not pound notes. I suppose the brown envelope may well contain the queen’s head on paper.

    I am in wholehearted agreement with the article. I also wonder if our own Queenie Liz can be persuaded that M Pivateau’s misdemeanors can be equated to attempting to steal the crown jewels? Maybe she fancies practicing the phrase “off with his head”?

  10. Just me or should we send all the football Agents who have any dealings when any english club incuding those directors of football lot to go serve a 3 year tour of duty in Chernobyl with out any protective gear.

    Standard Gear should be
    Pair of Flip flops

    Live of the land

    Seriously tho
    If there client moves with the term of there contract they should be loose there comision in propertion of there move. so if the player was bought for £5 mIllion with in the first year 100% lose 2 year 90% lose 3 year 80% lose 4 year 70% lose 5 year 60% lose that will make them think twice about moving on so quickly and the higher the price the bigger the lose.

  11. This guy represents Mensah and Muntari and perhaps his current relationship with SAFC is not all sweetness and light.

    Given that he represents half the Ghana team I doubt Bruce’s comments on the unavailability of African players during next season did Fabien Pivateau any favours either.

    Yet another article picked up by “repeater” websites with no editorial control so a non-story is given credence.

  12. another s–thouse of an agent who only sees pound notes and no interest in the player or club other than to feed his greed. If gyan is comitted to the club he should come out and b—-ck his agent . Gyan needs to live up to the hype of the world cup and show the club he was worth the 13 million we payed for him. The truth of who started this farce will probably never come to light but one things for certain GREED is the cause.

  13. If true, it would be a disaster for us. To lose our only prem striker with experience.
    I am still hoping that Welbeck comes back for another loan.
    Also, this Russian guy (Pavel whatisname) does not give a tingling feeling in my spine.
    We’ve got to get someone. Imagine is Gyan gets injured next season !!

  14. It isn’t surprising really as the world of football seems to revolve around greed, this agent has obviously seen how much Gyan can earn him by continously moving, he doesn’t really have the players interest at heart, just his own! Unfortunately players are sometimes easily swayed by these people (sharks), and will ulitimately start to believe them. Lets hope Gyan has a bit more intelligence than his agent, and can appreciate he is in a good place where he is liked and supported. Maybe players should start firing their agents for being incompetent and reckless.

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