Burnley 1 Sunderland 0: nothing to write home about

Managers cannot lose with pre-season friendlies. Win and the Lads did well. Lose and it doesn’t really matter; it’s all about fitness.

Let us hope fitness had a boost today as there was precious little to get excited about in the way of Sunderland’s performance, according to our own Pete Sixsmith.

“One down. Dubious penalty but not good,” he said by text from Turf Moor at half time.

And that is how it stayed. If we were running Sixer’s Sevens already, today’s would have been: “Not very creative, never looked like scoring.”

Good job there’s no need to worry. It was all about fitness.

This was the team:

Westwood, Bardsley, Richardson, Brown, Bramble, Elmohamady, Gardner, Cattermole (C), Colback, Wickham, Gyan.

Subs: Dong-won, Vaughan, Larsson, Mignolet, Ferdinand, Malbranque, Laing.

If you were there, too, tell us what it was like for you. And if you weren’t, do results like this worry you or should we just ignore them?

4 thoughts on “Burnley 1 Sunderland 0: nothing to write home about”

  1. The midfield and defence (apart from LB) are both considerably, well in fact immeasurably stronger than a year ago. The forward line is considerably weaker, as we are without both Jones (who everybody seems to have forgotten about, Welbecck AND Bent. Time to sign at least one striker.

  2. This, from Andy at Blackcats, worried me a little:

    Ipswich 1 Wolves 2
    Birmingham 1 Everton 2
    Brighton 2 Spurs 3
    Bristol City 0 West Brom 1
    Coventry 0 Norwich 3
    Burnley 1 Sunderland 0

    Burnley must have its own stifling micro climate…

    Had a text from a mate at the ground at 4.45: “We’ve just had our first shot
    on target – 81st minute”

  3. We are not stronger than last year.

    We have lost 2 quality players, Bent and Henderson

    Replaced them with 3-4 central midfielders from relegated clubs and 2 reserve players from Man U O shea could be good.

    Massive lack up front, we dont look very creative and will strugle for goals again, and gyan go to africa cup etc.

    need 2 striker with Prem. experience and something in midfield who can create, right now just fighters without much creation.

    If we dont buy some offensive players, we will strugle in the lower parts of the table, most other team has more up front than us !!!

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