Official: Darren Bent’s commitment to Aston Villa ‘solid as ever’

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Three great Darren Bent comments posted at the Blackcats list in recent days, linked to Steve Bruce’s own pursuit of new recruits, deserve wider currency. I haven’t specific consent so will limit attribution to initials:


I want to see a signing of real quality – like the Darren Bent signing was (and we should be able to get him now for less than we sold him for). If we had Bent now, for instance, I’d be expecting a top six finish.


An interesting comment! I recall suggesting at the time that (while the money was clearly a factor) Bent knew he’d receive a damn sight better service from Downing and Young than he ever got with us. Now they’ve both left him behind!


Interesting comments from Darren Bent on “Darren Bent insists he has no intention of being the next high-profile departure from Aston Villa. I’m more than happy to be here and play for Aston Villa. It’s a terrific football club. I’d like to be here for the long haul.”

That’ll be him on his way then …

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12 thoughts on “Official: Darren Bent’s commitment to Aston Villa ‘solid as ever’”

  1. We call need to get over Darren Bent and insisting that SB finds a like for like replacement.Ther isn’t one. Bent is without doubt the best striker outside of the top six EPL clubs.There is none around available to us who has a similar scoring record. Let’s hope that we can find some goals from midfield to add to Gyan’s 20.

  2. Bent made a huge mistake leaving Sunderland. His perception that Villa were a bigger club is not only in tatters but Villa have become somewhat a laughing stock. Taking on Big Eck selling their best players and being unable to attract anyone of stature to the club at any level has left their reputation destroyed and their big club badge a humorous tittle tattle. I feel sorry for the but pride comes before a fall and they bought Bent to stay up but couldn’t afford him and are having to off-load to balance the books.

  3. Darren Bent leaves Sunderland for ‘better service’

    6 month later, ‘better service’ both leave Villa


  4. There is no doubt in my mind Mr Greedy will remain at Villa. He knows there is money there and he is coming out chatting about his love for the club etc (exactly like he did with us) to get more lolly out of the chairman. They will receive a bid now because of his patter Villa wont sell but he will get a nice fat juicy pay rise for his commitment. Well done Darren lad!!!! you know how to bleed a club and the fans at the same time.

    How I laughed when Young went oh and then I laughed even harder when McLeash got the job then I laughed even louder then to make it even funnier Downing heads off (I am laughing while I type this) my Jaw could take no more! I am sure the dazzler heard me all the way down in Villa Park

  5. Yeah, yeah, Darren, whatever! You two faced badge kissing hypocrite. It is a bit frightening that he is in Twitter contact with Connor Wickham! DB The Truth eh? Okay I feel better for that, let’s sign him back because his goals record is fantastic!

  6. Maybe the money Villa banked on the sales of Downing and Young will help keep Bent there; After all, it is the only thing he’s interested in. Darren Bent will revel being in the Villa squad now. Him alone will keep that team up, his ego will inflate to no ends and he is robbing them blind in the process. Villa can’t afford to let him go so he is stuck in in a low class team for a long while yet.

    Serves himself right 😉

  7. Quite frankly, Darren Bent’s concept of loyalty is the same as Rupert Murdoch’s concept of admitting that he might have been a harsh father with James many years ago.
    Next stop, Stoke?

  8. The icing on the cake would be Nzogbia knocking villa back and then joining us that would be really good.

  9. Bent’s getting restless, time to “change his straw”. wait for the badge kissing, then you’ll know . . . .

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