Sunderland-Newcastle competition: not a prize to change winner’s life

Tonight’s friendly on the pre-season German tour is Hannover v Sunderland and comment will be posted here, probably tomorrow.

In the meantime, two bits of Salut! Sunderland housekeeping: a winner in the trifling competition that went with the posting headlined Sunderland, Newcastle and things we have in common, and an update on the Ithics Files.

I said the writer of the Wear-Tyne comment judged (by me) to be the warmest, wittiest or most wise would collect the back copes of the Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association London & SE branch magazine, Wear Down South and its predecessor 5573.

It was a close-run thing, but in the end my choice means no ceremonial bonfire will be necessary as the decision goes to a Sunderland supporter. A Newcastle United fan – see later – got within a whisker of being offered the same prize and is probably counting his lucky stars to have come only second.

The winner, Ian Dixie, a member of the North Herts branch of the SAFCSA, wrote the following:

I am now exiled doon sooth and am a proud Sunlund supporter and tell everyone who cares to listen. I was born in Newcastle and brought up just outside and consider myself someone from the North East, not a Geordie or a Mackem. My grandad and uncles went to both SJP and Roker alternately on match days even though 75% of my family were Sunderland fans, they always travelled together and derby days was full of banter. My cousin is a die hard member of the Cartoon Army as are his kids while I am red and white through and through. We rip the pee out of each other all season without maliciousness and always have a bet on who finishes higher. I have friends in the village I grew up in who are Toonheads and as with my cousin its banter nothing more.
We can live side by side without the outright hatred and I enjoy the Cartoon Army being in the same division and look forward to the games with apprehension. Its a long drive back after a defeat. There are a few Toon and Mackem fans where I live and believe it or not we do drink together, especially as we are outnumbered by Manure ,Chelski and the Arse fans and we defend our corner especially as everyone of North East persuasion was actually born there and not a glory hunter. We are proud North Easterners and always will be

I loved the spirit and regional pride evident in Dixie’s comment and wish the prize could be a bit more substantial (wait until our boats come in!).

The Newcastle entry that impressed most came from jackd, covered similar ground and read:

As a Newcastle fan, simply the acknowledgement that we have shared Jackie Milburn, who I believed played a couple of games for Sunderland during the 2nd World war, which was a common occurance then; that Bobby Robson attended Sunderland games, which was traditional at a point of time in the NE when those from Tyneside and Wearside attended both sets of games, still did it until late age, sends more of a message why we have lots in common just to pick a Toon based example. But long live the rivalry, Nothing worse than finishing below you guys. Literally.

I might offer him one of the forthcoming Salut! Sunderland mugs for the follow-up comment: “And Tony’s point.” Tony’s point being: “It seems simple really, at least we weren’t born down south!” (Though some of us have had to bear that particular burden, however strong our North-eastern connections).

The other bit of housekeeping also involves magazine back issues and stems from the ecent series of extracts from Ithics – as the fanzine It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand is remembered.

Nic Wiseman, who was the Ithics co-editor, offered a number of copies to anyone interested, and willing to stump up the postage. He writes now to say that as a result of the response, from here and elsewhere, only the following remain:

Issue 1: 1 copy
Issue 2: 28 copies!!
Issue 3: 11 copies
And one copy each of issues 12, 15 & 16.

An e-mail to Nic at would secure your copy/copies if still available.
Hurry while stocks last.

Monsieur Salut

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  1. I was privileged to share a few words with Sir Bobby on his last visit to the SoL. He embodied all that is best in football, North East football in particular. If we could all follow his example and just enjoy the great rivalry without the hosility that would be a great tribute to him.

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